Oh, How Civilized is a blog devoted to my love of afternoon tea and other refined experiences.

All photos have been taken by me unless otherwise credited. I use a Sony RX1 (since 3/2014) to take all my photos. Before that, I used a Canon T3i with the kit lens and a 50mm 1.8 and a Sony RX100 (10/2013 - 3/2014).

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Photo Credit: Ismael Perez | Direction: Nana Lee

Photo Credit: Ismael Perez | Direction: Nana Lee

My name is Jee and I'm a freelance digital designer in New York City. I'm always seeking out places that offer exceptional customer service and services that offer unique and luxurious experiences. I'm a big fan of urban retreats that feel exclusive but are completely accessible, near and far.



A big thanks to contributing copyeditor Michele Perez, who catches and corrects all my grammar and spelling mistakes so things I write make sense.

Queenie Fok is my cooking and baking guru. We collaborate to create recipes inspired by afternoon tea.


I would love to hear from you! If you have questions, inquires or just want to say hello, send me an email: ohhowcivilized@gmail.com