Tea Sandwich: Cucumber & Chive Butter


A basic cucumber sandwich consists of bread, cucumber, and butter. There are so many variations you can create from that basic recipe. This one replaces basic white bread with brioche and adds in a little chive to the butter. 

- Pat dry the cucumber slices before placing it on top of the bread.
- Use a cookie cutter the same size as the cucumber slices.
- Room temperature butter is easier to work with.
- I used a mandoline to cut the cucumber slices and a cookie cutter to cut out the brioche.

TEA SANDWICH: Cucumber & Chive Butter

Brioche bread sliced

1. Mix butter and chopped chives together.
2. On brioche, cut into circles using a cookie cutter, spread chive butter.
3. Layer on a slice of cucumber. Garnish with a bit of butter and chives or parsley. Enjoy!


Posted on January 29, 2013 .