Matcha Hot Chocolate


I love hot chocolate and I love matcha, so I came up with a recipe that brings my favorites together—matcha hot chocolate. It's pretty easy and the combination of milk and white chocolate creates a delicious and creamy drink. Just a note, matcha has a high level of caffeine, so it may not make the best nighttime beverage. 

If you want to add an extra sweet touch for Valentine's Day, how about topping it with a homemade heart marshmallow?

Makes 2 cups 

2 cups milk (I used soy milk.)
2 teaspoons matcha (like this one)
2/3 of a 3.5oz white chocolate bar (I used Lindt.)
2 marshmallows (I picked mine up from City Bakery for $1 each.)

1. Finely chop white chocolate. Bring milk just to a boil over low heat. Remove from heat.
2. Stir or whisk in white chocolate and matcha until well blended.
3. Ladle matcha hot chocolate into 2 mugs. Top with marshmallows. Enjoy! 

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