Purchase Cost Analysis of a NYC Apartment

The last of my three-part series with the fantastic NYC real estate agent and expert Renée Fishman. She gives a cost breakdown of an apartment I went to see in the West Village.

I went to one of Renée listings to see what's out there in the market. The apartment on 204 West Houston is a nicely laid out junior one-bedroom. (You can also take a look at her video tour.) First thing, the location is fantastic; right off of Sixth Ave. on West Houston so you're close to both Soho and the West Village. Second, the apartment is really charming. The current owners did a great job with the blue wall (I'm loving that shade of blue they used) and the furnishings, so right away, it felt like a place anyone would feel at home. This would be a great apartment for first-time buyers.

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INFO: Renée Fishman | Vice President Halstead Property, LLC | 212.381.2392 | email

Photo Credit: Nico Arellano (Renée photo), Michael Weinstein (apartment photos)