Tea at Three: Pear Tea & Pretzel Croissant

TEA: Pure Indulgence - The Pear Tea [Le Palais des Thés]
BAKED GOOD:  Pretzel Croissant [The City Bakery]

I don't know how to walk by The City Bakery without picking up a Pretzel Croissant. Salty, flaky goodness and warm when I got it at 3PM. Since it was warm out, I paired it with a sparkling pear tea using my SodaStream. 

To make your own sparkling pear tea, boil a 1/2 cup of water then take off heat. Add tea and let it steep for about 3 minutes. Filter tea and pour half of that into a cup. (This will make 2 cups.) Instead of sugar, I poured in pear nectar or pear juice for sweetness, which brings out the pear flavors of the tea even more. Fill up the cup with pear juice about halfway up and top with cold seltzer or sparkling water. Done!