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Sulwhasoo Facial at Bergdorf Goodman

Ever hear of Sulwhasoo? I didn't until recently, but I found they are the #1 cosmetic brand in Asia. Both AmorePacific (where I got a facial last May...unfortunately the spa is now closed) and Sulwhasoo are owned by the same company.

And...did you know you can get complimentary facials from Sulwhasoo at Bergdorf Goodman? There's a tiny facial room on the Beauty floor inside Bergdorf Goodman's where you can book facials when you make a Sulwhasoo purchase. Note: The booking for the facials are available every few weeks, and are not offered every day.

Thanks to the lovely ladies (Deborah and Emily) at Sulwhasoo, I booked an appointment and went in for a facial. Perfect time to do so, with the weather transitioning from winter to spring.

At Bergdorfs, I headed downstairs to the Beauty level and found Sulwhasoo.

AmorePacific focuses on the benefits of botanicals like green tea, but Sulwhasoo takes a herbal medicinal approach in their skincare. 

Their skincare lines are divided in age categories and they recommend a line of products depending on how old you are. This really helps to narrow down what is essential for your skin without feeling overwhelmed with too many choices.

The facial room is small, but feels so peaceful the minute you walk in. I changed into a towel body wrap and got comfortable on the facial bed while Emily, Sulwhasoo's facialist, waited outside the room. A few minutes later Emily knocked on the door and got started right away on my facial, which are an hour-long. It was soooo relaxing! I'm pretty sure I fell asleep a couple of times. Essential oils (which I got to pick before we started), used during the facial added to the experience. 

One thing I will say is that the location of the facial room is not the best. It's right next door to a door that has a punch key, so I would hear beeping noises, and clicking of footsteps every few minutes. But since I was so relaxed, I was able to ignore it pretty quickly.

After the facial, Emily prepared a hot green tea for me to enjoy as I slowly got up to get dressed. 

Back at the Sulwhasoo counter, I got some Sulwhasoo BB Cream and applied a bit of it before heading out to meet a friend. While there, I asked Emily to provide some tips how to transition skin from winter to spring.



[1] Spring clean your skin!
Deep clean your pores with Sulwhasoo Cleansing Oil to remove makeup, followed by a cleansing foam to dissolve dirt and oils trapped in the pores. Lastly, exfoliate with Snowise Ex White Ginseng Exfoliating Gel one to two times a week for smoother skin. This routine is especially helpful for anyone that becomes oily in the spring and summer months.

[2] Keep hydrated!
Keep Sulwhasoo's Hydro-Aid Mist handy to refresh at work or on the go.

[3] Let your light shine!
A great way to combat dullness, and brighten the skin's overall complexion, is through our Snowise Brightening line. White Ginseng is the main ingredient. It gently yet effectively creates a beautiful radiant glow. For a targeted solution to age or sun spots and acne marks try our Brightening Spot Serum. Our new Brightening Masks are a great treat that brighten and hydrate.

[4] Brighten... and then protect!
Brightening systems go hand in hand with sun protection. Try our Snowise BB creams with SPF to prevent further sun damage and protect your skin.

[5] Re-harmonize your skin.
Sulwhasoo's Herbalinic Ampoules are to be used during transition periods such as the changing of the seasons and times of stress. The ampoules restore key functions in the skin by addressing the root cause of a skin imbalance - the symptoms of which could be acne, dry itchy skin, redness, sensitivity, or over-production of sebum. 


If you are in NYC and are interested in purchasing any of their products, I would suggest booking an appointment for a facial with Emily to see which products would be best for your skin. The facial is complimentary with a Sulwhasoo purchase, but as far as tipping goes, the norm is usually between $10 - $20. You can ask for an envelope at the Sulwhashoo counter. 


Mansur Gavriel Clutch

I don't like to carry a lot of things with me, so everything I need easily fits into a clutch. Thanks to my cousin Pam, who introduced me to this brand, I found a beautiful leather one from Mansur Gavriel. Smooth Italian leather with a pop of color inside (mine is a bright orange) and most importantly, it has a wrist strap. This clutch comes in two sizes, and the one pictured is the large size that can fit an ipad.

Hunting down this clutch was no easy feat. It took several calls and online searches, but I found one in a shop in Soho and as soon as I saw it, I knew it had to be mine. ALL MINE, MUHAHAHA.


Patisserie Tomoko

Patisserie Tomoko opened last November in Brooklyn by a former chef at Cha-An (one of my favorite tea spots). Like Chikalicious, this dessert bar serves only prix fixe desserts. 

I met up with Barb, of Wishful Chef, to chat over sweets and tea.

Take out counter on the right...

and seating on bar stools on the left.

After looking over the menu, I went with a pot of jasmine pearls ($4) and selected the Standard, two-course $12 dessert prix fixe.

Out of the four dessert options, I got the Kumquat Mille-feuille with Kumquat Ice Cream. 

Made in front of me, the mille-feuille was light and airy but super messy to eat. 

After, petits fours, which is included in the prix fixe. The above shows a serving for two. Because there weren't two of each, it was a little hard to share, especially since some were hard to cut in half. Would have preferred if we each had the same petits fours. 

Nothing was overly sweet, which I loved. The flavors really came out beautifully.

INFO: Patisserie Tomoko | 568 Union Ave. | Brooklyn NY 11211 | 718.388.7121


Tea at Three // Chai Latte & Hazelnut Chocolates

TEA: Chai Latte [Made with Organic Masala Chai from Chai Diaries.]
SWEETS: Hazelnut Pralines [Amedei]

Aside from rooibos, masala chai goes really well with chocolate. This organic one, courtesy of Chai Diaries, is a great shortcut to making one from scratch. (If inclined, here's my homemade chai recipe.) Just bring milk to a simmer, then steep the chai for about 3-4 minutes. Strain the chai tea, then froth it up with an immersion blender. 

Hazelnut chocolates are my favorite, so the Amedei box with five of the hazelnut pralines were gone way before the chai latte. (See my post from their NYC store opening and tips on how to buy chocolate.)


Shiso, Lemon Verbena, Basil Herbal Tea

This tisane can be made in less than 5 minutes and it's such a refreshing beverage! Three leaves of fresh shiso, lemon verbena, and fresh basil is all you need. Oh, and water.

Makes 1 serving 

1 cup water
3 fresh shiso leaves (From a Japanese market.)
3 lemon verbena leaves (I used Harney & Sons Verveine (c/o).
3 fresh basil leaves 

1. Bring water to a boil and turn off heat.
2. Steep shiso, lemon verbena, and basil leaves in hot water for 3-5 minutes.
3. Filter leaves. Enjoy!

So easy. (I will say it's a bit of an acquired taste if you're not familiar with shiso.)

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