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Lie Sang Bong's New York Fashion Week Debut

After showing at Paris Fashion Week for 12 years, my favorite Korean fashion designer, Lie Sang Bong, debuted his new collection at New York Fashion Week last Wednesday at Lincoln Center. I was invited to attend, and as you can imagine, I was super excited. 

To see a preview of his shows in the past, see my posts on his show in Paris last October, and presentations with other Korean fashion designers with Concept Korea (once in September 2012 and again in February 2013).

Once I found my way to the Pavilion, the darkened, theatre-like space where his show was being held, I headed to my assigned seat. 

The seats were rows of benches and along a few rows, bags of goodies with an illustration of Lie Sang Bong.

The place was buzzing with excitement as people began to fill the seats.

The photographers all piled up, ready for the show to start.

And off we go! The room darkened, the music came on, and with a flash of light, the first look went down the runway. So many gorgeous and lush looks!

Love this shot with the shadows of the people taking pics. To see all the looks that came down the runway, check out the video of the show. Love this coat, this dress, and this vest! His collection showed bold colors and geometric shapes mixed with neutrals and clean silhouettes. 

I've learned that there is a flagship store to open in New York this fall! Cannot wait!


These Porselli Ballet Flats Are My Favorite

I've never heard of them until I read about them on Garance Doré's blog, and being the ultimate impulse shopper that I am, I had to run out and get a pair ASAP. I went to the APC shop in Soho and got a black pair. INSTANTLY comfortable. They feel like someone had already done the job of wearing them in for me. Now, if only the weather would warm up so I can actually wear them outside...

I'm also eyeing the beige one.


Shots of Hot Chocolate at City Bakery

So, in a previous post about City Bakery's hot chocolate, I mentioned how I wished they had a smaller portion size since I can rarely finish an entire cup. Lo and behold, I found out City Bakery sells shots of hot chocolate! Perfect, perfect, perfect size.

This is great for when I want to stop in this month to try out the different hot chocolate flavors at the City Bakery Hot Chocolate Festival.


Tea at Three // Robert at Museum of Arts and Design

After trying (and failing) to get a table at Mandarin Oriental's Lobby Lounge, a friend and I headed to the building next door, the Museum of Arts and Design. On the very top floor is Robert, the museum cafe, with its own pretty views of Central Park and Columbus Circle. (See photos of my last visit.)

If you're just going to the cafe from the museum lobby, you don't have to pay the museum admission. 

After getting a seat by the window, I ordered the Scarlet Glow Iced Tea ($5), a blend of hibiscus and elderflower.

Before getting sweets, a cheese plate. A selection of three is $15. The cheese platter is served with a plate of baguette slices.

Then, homemade ice cream! Mine was banana and it is $3 per scoop. 

Between bites, taking in the views.

INFO: Robert at Museum of Arts and Design | 2 Columbus Circle, 9th Floor | New York, NY 10019 | 212.299.7730


The Best New York City Hot Chocolate // Max Brenner vs La Colombe

Neither of the hot chocolates this week rocked my world. Actually, the best one recently was from City Bakery's Hot Chocolate Festival where I had the Banana Peel Hot Chocolate. So rich and decadent!

Ok, back to Max Brenner and La Colombe. Max Brenner's Milk Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows ($5.95) beat out the watery Le Colombe Hot Chocolate ($2.75), which comes unsweetened. Neither were exceptional with the Max Brenner's too sweet, and Le Colombe's not at all thick nor rich. Max Brenner won out because just because I prefer thicker hot chocolates. I should have passed on the mini marshmallows, which were the kind you find in the supermarket, and it made it overly sweet. Next time I go, I'll try the dark chocolate version. Oh, the "hug mug" they serve the beverage in, is very cute.