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I’ve been to Florence a few times, but this was my first time at the Palazzo Pitti, which was originally home (!) to Luca Pitti, a banker in Florence. The palace has since been the residence to families that ruled Florence and it’s now a gallery that’s open to the public. Depending on the tickets you purchase, you can get access to different parts of the palace. I would recommend NOT trying to do everything in one day. It’s just too much.

I went specifically to see the Boboli Gardens, which is a behind the Palazzo Pitti.


I’m telling you right now, the place is HUGE and Garden is even HUGE-R. As in 111 acres. On a hill. Bring water. Bring snacks.


There are lots and lots of sculptures scattered throughout the Gardens. There are also lots and lots of stairs. I had no idea I was in for a hike.


The views were worth the climb though. This is at the top of one end of the Gardens. I was exhausted already at this point.


These ice-cold water fountains were my friends. I was so happy to see them. Ahhh.


There’s this gorgeous long path called Cypress Avenue (Viottolone). Cypress trees line the sides of this stretch of land and it’s quite breathtaking. Also breathtaking, knowing that it was ALL DOWNHILL. You know what that means? I would have to walk at one point, ALL UPHILL.


As you walk down this Avenue, you’ll see alleys that veer off to parts unknown. I didn’t want to know, so I kept walking straight down the Avenue.


This is at another end of the Gardens overlooking Florence.

A gelato after the walk through the Gardens was VERY well deserved. I learned something about myself. I love parks, just not hillside parks.

INFO: Piazza Pitti, 1 | 50125 Firenze, Italy | +39 055 229 8732

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