Grace Street


Queenie and I have a running joke about Grace Street, a cafe in Koreatown. When Grace Street first opened it was an huge space with little seating that served a very limited menu so I joked that the cafe was a front, while Queenie didn’t understand how a place like this was in business in the first place. Fast forward to months later, and it’s a bustling cafe that Queenie and I frequent quite often. Ahem, we have been proven wrong.

Until 5PM, the cafe is open seating where you order at the counter in the back but after 5PM, they shift things around so there is only table service.


They make a lovely matcha latte that’s sweetened with honey, but isn’t overly sweet. Drinks are served in ceramic cups after 5PM but in paper cups before then.


They are known for their hodduk but the real draw for me is their shaved snow. The snow isn’t shaved ice, but rather more like shaved ice cream. It’s creamy and served with a scoop of red bean ice cream, sweet red beans, and mochi balls. Aside from the green tea, they also have a black sesame version.


Grace Street always seems to be packed since it’s a great casual spot for a quick cup of coffee or for sweets after dinner.

INFO: Grace Street | 17 West 32nd Street | New York, NY 10001

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  • tea happiness
    2 years ago

    Looks delicious! I’ll have to visit since I’m often in that area.

  • I think my mother would like this place. We had memorable scallion pancakes at a restaurant in Koreatown but have never been able to find it again.

    • Hi Georgia, they don’t have any savory eats on the menu, just sweets so no scallion pancakes on the menu, but definitely go with your mom for the shaved snow!

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