Paris // Lunch at L’Arpège

We, my cousin and I, flew into Paris on a super early morning flight at 6:30AM (NEVER AGAIN). Of course, the pilot announces we’re getting into Paris an hour EARLY, and we both only got about 2-3 hours of sleep on the flight. We had so much time to kill before we could get into the apartment we rented and we were walking around a bit delirious most of the day. In hindsight I shouldn’t have made the reservation to L’Arpège on the day we flew in since we were exhausted and so, so sleepy when we got to our lunch at 1PM.

This was all badly planned on my part since I should have known lunch would last at least three hours. We were rushing at the end of the meal to go meet our apartment greeter, so we didn’t have the last couple of courses. Anyway…


Who knew I would love vegetables so much? L’Arpége is a three Michelin-starred restaurant (hence, the three hour lunch) that is known for their vegetarian food. We got the least expensive lunch tasting menu which was 140€ and we were completely stuffed about two-thirds of the way through. (The others were 320€ and 420€.)

Even in my comatose state, I will say this meal was a highlight of the trip.


The dining room is small and cozy, but the tables were spaced far enough apart that you weren’t right next to each other. At the end of the meal, you get the knife you ate with as a souvenir. (It’s the one with the wooden handle in the photo above — and it folds in half so it’s easier to travel back with.) This means I need to go back at least five more times to get a full set.

Here’s what we ate:


1/ Vegetable tartlettes. What a great way to start. Each one was a burst of flavor. Vegetable flavor.

2/ Radishes for the table with salt.


3/ Beet sushi.

4/ Perfectly dressed arugula salad.


5/ Soup with hazelnuts. The silver serving bowls were a nice touch. Oh, what kind of soup was it? Ahem, let’s move on…

6/ Vegetable ravioli in broth. This was one of my favorites.


7/ Crab meat with radish slices.

8/ Creamy risotto with black truffle. Surprisingly, I didn’t like the shaved truffles on this. The super thin and dry slices kept getting caught in my throat. The risotto was delicious though.


9/ Scallop with matcha. What’s not to love about matcha?

10/ Cous cous with vegetables.


11/ Cooked vegetables.

12/ Cheese with a side of potato. Both were excellent. They bring out the cheese cart and you can see the giant cheese wheel they cut the piece from. Next to the cheese wheel was a little stovetop where they prepared the buttery potato.


13/ Sorry, no photo for this one. I realized I didn’t get a photo of it until we finished eating it. But I’m sure I loved it, whatever it was.

14/ Dessert to go. Since we had to leave early, we asked for this course to go. It was an apple tart shaped into rosettes. Comes with caramel sauce.

We didn’t get the very last course of sweets of macarons and assorted bites but we were so full, we were happy to skip it.

Overall, we were very happy with our meal and wished we didn’t have to rush at the end. Next time, I’ll make sure to block out three+ hours.

Note: I made a reservation online on their site about a month before. I gave them a date and time and they emailed me back confirming availability.

INFO: L’Arpège | 84 Rue de Varenne | 75007 Paris, France | +33 (0)1 47 05 09 06
COST: 140€ lunch tasting menu
LUNCH HOURS: Monday – Friday, 12:30PM – 2:30PM

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  • Pam
    3 years ago

    Love the photos and the review! I was like, "oh, we had that?" for every single dish as I scrolled. I was so out of it at the time, but remember walking out of there wanting to become a vegetarian! So so good.

  • Jee (Oh, How Civilized)
    3 years ago

    Thanks, Pam! Haha, if I didn't have the photos, I wouldn't have remembered any part of the meal. But yes, it was excellent.

  • amoby
    3 years ago

    Looks amazing! Can’t wait to go there for lunch! Do you have to wear a coat? Or is it really okay to just dress in a button down shirt?

  • Michelle Nunez
    5 months ago

    Would you recommend making reservations days ahead? Or are you able to walk in and have dinner?

    • Jee
      5 months ago

      Hi Michelle, yes, a reservation is a must! Book it as far in advance as possible (a few weeks) since I’m not sure you’ll be able to get a table trying to get a reservation only a few days ahead.

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