Thinking About Buying a Home in New York City?

This is the first of a three-part series on tips and advice from real estate agent and expert Renée Fishman.


About two year ago I was helping my sister look for an apartment to buy in Manhattan. We started off with a general idea of what she could afford and started searching listings ourselves. After a couple of exhausting weekends of going to open houses, we met Renée, who was a real estate broker for one of the apartments we had gone to see. We liked her, so my sister set up a consultation with her to get some help with her search.

I love working with people who know what they’re doing, and do it exceptionally well. That is the case with Renée. First of all, I’ve never even heard of a broker who meets with buyers for consultations. Most brokers just send you random listings and only show up when you’ve found a place you want to place a bid on. She sat down for about two hours with us and went over everything from financials to how the process all works to going over my sister’s wish list. She basically helped her to create a real estate strategy since every buyer comes with a different set of numbers and circumstances. It was a complete eye-opener. We realized after going over all the numbers, the amount that she thought she could afford was simply incorrect.

After the consultation, Renée sent my sister curated apartment listings that best fit what she was looking for. In the end, my sister bought a place in Brooklyn and didn’t work with her on that purchase, but every time someone asks me for a real estate broker recommendation, I always tell them to see Renée.

If you’re a serious buyer and looking for a fantastic agent, she’s the one to work with.

See the rest of the series: part two and part three.

INFO: Renée Fishman | Vice President Halstead Property, LLC | 212.381.2392 | email

Renée Photo Credit: Nico Arellano

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