UrbanSpace Meatpacking and The High Line

With summer almost coming to a close, I headed over to the Meatpacking District to grab a bite to eat and walk the High Line, the elevated former freight rail line that has been redesigned as a linear park. The park opened last summer and it runs from Gansevoort Street to 30th Street.

Food first, then the High Line.




If you haven’t gone recently, you’ll find that there’s now construction work being done where the food trucks used to be at the end of the High Line at 30th Street. But fortunately, UrbanSapce Meatpacking market is now open at 13th and Washington Street with craft and food vendors including Roberta’s pizza, Steve’s ice cream, and Milk Momofuku Milk Bar. Open 7 days a week, the market is fairly small with just a few food vendors, but there is a nice variety of food options and it’s really laid back. I’ll be going back to have Roberta’s pizza and Asia Dog’s limeade soda.


To walk off the food, I headed down Washington Street to Gansevoort Street and went right up the steps to the start of the High Line.



The High Line is a public park and is open daily from 7AM – 11PM. Aside from the Gansevoort Street entrance, there are eight other access points along the 1.45 mile stretch. The park is maintained beautifully and filled with lush trees and plants filling in the areas where the train tracks used to run.



There are plenty of spots along the way to sit and enjoy the sights along the west side. If you’re getting a little thirsty or want to cool down with some ice cream, there are food carts and food vendors along the way.



Peeping out of three windows were cardboard cutout of people waving. It’s pretty amusing and fun to spot. Although I will say I was a little taken back initially since I didn’t realize they weren’t actual people.

There are multiple tours given at the High Line, with a free guided walking tour every Tuesday at 6:30PM throughout the fall.

LOCATION: UrbanSpace Meatpacking | 860 Washington Street at 13th Street | New York, NY

LOCATION: High Line | Gansevoort St. To W. 30 St. between Washington St. and 11 Ave. | New York, NY |  212.500.6035
TOURS: Multiple types given throughout the month.


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