10 Places to Drink Matcha in New York City

Looking for a good cup of matcha? Here are 10 places I like to frequent in New York City for the green beverage, in no particular order.


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1/ Ippodo
Not to be confused with the ramen spot Ippudo, Ippodo is an excellent source for matcha. You can only get their drinks to go, but it’s worth a visit since they have multiple grades and types of authentic Japanese matcha beverages. They have a matcha latte which is really an au lait (made with warm milk instead of steamed milk) that’s whisked and made right in front of you. Not at all sweetened, this place is for hardcore matcha lovers.

Ippodo | 125 East 39th Street | New York, NY 10016 | 212.370.0609


2/ Bibble & Sip
This Midtown West cafe puts a twist on a matcha latte by adding in jasmine syrup (made in-house) with their signature Matcha Jasmine Latte. Not overly sweet, it makes for an excellent tea break especially with their tasty matcha cream puff.

Bibble & Sip | 253 West 51st Street | New York, NY 10019 | 646.649.5116


3/ Chalait
This cafe specializes in matcha-based drinks but if you’re looking for espresso based drinks, they also make a mean cortado.

Chalait NoMad | 1216 Broadway | New York, NY 10001 | 212.929.0266
Chalait Chelsea Market | 75 9th Avenue | New York, NY 10011 | 212.929.0266


4/ Hi-Collar
The matcha au lait isn’t on the menu, but you can request it, although there’s no guarantee they’ll make it for you since it all depends on who’s behind the counter.

Hi-Collar | 214 East 10th Street | New York, NY 10003 | 212. 777.7018


5/ Cha-An
This Japanese tea house in the East Village makes the best matcha latte (which is really an au lait since the milk isn’t steamed). At $7.50, it’s also the most expensive but you can really taste the high-grade matcha, As a surprise, stir the sweet red beans at the bottom to sweeten the beverage.

Cha-An | 230 E 9th St, 2nd Floor | New York, NY 10003 | 212.228.8030


6/ Cup & Cup
Located in Midtown East, Cup & Cup makes a pretty matcha latte. Their version is sweeter, but not cloyingly so.

Cup & Cup | 15 E 31st Street | New York, NY 10016 | 646.398.9990


7/ Rose Bakery
Their matcha cappuccino isn’t on the menu, but you can request it. It was pretty good, until I got to the bottom and there were some clumps of matcha bits. Double up on the matcha with a slice of their matcha cake.

Rose Bakery | 160 Lexington Avenue | New York, NY 10016 | 646.837.7754


8/ Takahachi Bakery
A very good matcha latte can be found at this Tribeca Japanese bakery. I especially love theirs iced in the summer.

Takahachi Bakery | 25 Murray Street | New York, NY 10007 | 212.791.5550


9/ Matcha Cafe Wabi
Made with a heavy cream base (!), the matcha latte here is excellent. Creamy and full-bodied, it’s pretty darn tasty.

Match Cafe Wabi | 233 E 4th Street | New York, NY 10009


10/ Grace Street
Like the matcha latte at Cup & Cup, Grace Street’s Matcha Honey Latte is fairly sweet, but not overly so, unlike the other matcha beverages found on 32nd street in Koreatown.

Grace Street | 17 West 32nd Street | New York, NY 10001

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  • Melissa
    3 years ago

    What about the Matcha Bar or did it not meet your standards?

  • Corina
    3 years ago

    Takahachi Bakery also has a lot of Japanese-French matcha pastries that are excellent!

    Grace Street in Koreatown has a delicious frozen matcha SLUSHY. I think it is the only one in NYC.

    Cafe Zaiya has an OK matcha latte if you really need one.

    • Hi Corina, yes, agree that Takahachi has great matcha pastries! I didn’t know Grace Street had matcha slushies — will have to give it a try! They also make those at Ippodo during the summer but I found it to be too sweet.

  • Heather
    3 years ago

    These photos are spectacular. Such a rich and lovely shade of green!

  • Jennifer
    3 years ago

    When you get a chance, check out 12 Corners on East Broadway. They make a matcha latte with no sweetener.

  • 2 years ago

    I spent a wonderful week in Paris several years ago visiting all the “Best Baguette” bakeries from the past few years. It took me to neighborhoods I had never been to. Your Matcha list may be just the thing to recreate that adventure in Manhattan. Thank you for the inspiration.

    • Jee
      2 years ago

      Hi Jeff, love your idea of visiting all the “best baguette” bakeries while in Paris! Glad to help assist in visiting all these matcha spots in NYC!

  • S.R.
    1 year ago

    Great, but please consider including the addresses next time for ease of use

    • Jee
      1 year ago

      Hi S.R, great idea — updated with location info!

  • Daisy
    1 year ago

    Where can I find this matcha hot tea drink and latte in Memphis Tennessee

  • Ally
    10 months ago

    Thanks so much for this! I have read through many of your reviews and recipes. I would love, love, love to know where in NYC (or on-line?) one can get good quality matcha for home. I live in the east village and often go to Matcha Cafe Wabi, where they do sell it, but there must be other places that perhaps have a selection (or just a different brand than Wabi does). I’ve seen it in some spots, but it’s not refrigerated, which I believe it should be. Any thoughts or suggestions?? Thanks!

    • Jee
      10 months ago

      Hi Ally, glad you found this helpful! For matcha at home, I get it from Ippodo in Midtown East. They have many matcha variations/grades to choose from. I don’t refrigerate until I’ve opened it up to keep it fresh as long as possible. Store don’t need to refrigerate it because it’s sealed shut and most likely kept in a cool, dry, dark space.

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