A Look Inside Seoul’s Shinsegae Luxury Department Store Food Market & Food Hall

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When visiting department stores in Seoul, I skip the upper floors and head straight down to the basement where the food court and markets can usually be found. The fancier the department store, the fancier the food hall. Shinsegae, a luxury department store in Myrongdon, is the fanciest with a giant food wonderland sprawled out across their lower level.


There’s a supermarket, completely pristine and looking more like set design than a real working grocery store.


There is a fresh food/produce section in a big room, then in another section, packaged foods. The look of this section reminded me a lot of Le Bon Marche’s food market in Paris.


But the real fun to be had is in the food hall. There are two Korean bakeries, a Dean & Deluca, and lots of different counters with high stools, making and selling food.


Counters served different specialties like dumplings, kimbap, or shaved ice. It’ll take about a week just to sit and eat at each one.


Does this look a bit like Eataly? But with brighter light and less claustrophobic.


CARB HEAVEN. Freshly baked bread on premise.


BUT, but, this was my favorite section. DESSERTS! The glass case loops all the way around and in each one, rows and rows of delicious looking treats.


How cute are these little animal sweets?

I spent a good 40 minutes just walking the entire floor, taking in everything, so an afternoon can easily be spent eating your way through, which I’ll definitely need to do on my next visit!

INFO: Shinsegae Department Store | 52-50 Chungmuro, 1-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea | +82.2.1588.1234

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  1. I guess it is a bit like Eataly, though actually being there feels totally different. That said, the food vendors in the Hyundai Dept. store in Apugujeong are much fancier and of higher quality than at Shinsegae.


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