A Tea Tasting with Silver Needle Tea Co.

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With a slight chill in the air, it was the perfect weather for when Lucy from Silver Needle Tea Co. and I sat outside for a private tea tasting. Warming up over each sip while sitting in her cozy patio, Lucy prepared multiple steepings of two teas, both from the Spring Collection. One was a green, Dragon Well (Long Jing), and the other, an oolong, Big Red Robe/Da Hong Pao.


First, let’s talk about the gorgeous tea canisters. The design is simple, elegant, and brilliantly color coded. It looked so pretty all lined up sitting on the table.


What Silver Needle Tea Co. specializes in is pure tea. This is for the tea purists out there. They don’t do blends or add any artificial flavorings. The tea speaks for itself.


To heighten the experience, Lucy served tea in a stemless wine glass, which is something i’ll definitely be doing in the future since it made something as simple as sipping tea completely luxurious.


We started with the Dragon Well and steeped that about three times, which brought out a different flavor each time. It was light and sweet at first and became lush and full in the later steepings.


Then came the Big Red Robe, an oolong with caramel notes. So smooth, I could sip this all day. This was especially lovely in a wine glass with its complex flavors.

It was so relaxing and before I knew it, two hours flew by. Thank you, Lucy!

If you’re looking for a Mother’s Day gift idea, Silver Needle Tea Co,’s The Complete Experience is a great one for serious tea drinkers.

4 thoughts on “A Tea Tasting with Silver Needle Tea Co.”

  1. Gorgeous pictures as always! These two were some of my favorites from Lucy’s line. I love how much thought and care is put into each and every one of them. I have a tin of her high mountain oolong calling my name 🙂

    • Hi Angela, depending on how it’s steeped (giant mug or a small gaiwan) and other factors can change the number of steeps, but I usually do at least three or until the leaves are completely unfurled. Hope that helps!


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