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UPDATE: Langham Place no longer serves afternoon tea.

Thanks to Kathy, I not only got to discover a new afternoon tea service (at Langham Place hotel in midtown) but also got to experience it.


SETTING: ­★★★☆☆
Afternoon tea is served in Measure, the Langham Place’s comfortable lounge area. The tables by the bar are a little bigger, so afternoon tea is served there, but the tables were a little too close together and lacks the intimate feel of the upper lounge space.

SERVICE: ★★★★☆
Service was very friendly and attentive. One hiccup was the timing of the scones course. Scones should be eaten after the savories and before the sweets, but they were a little late to arrive so I was halfway into eating sweets before I started with the scones.


The tea from In Pursuit of Tea was excellent, although I did knock off a star since the selection was super tiny.

Let me say the tea service is a nicely priced $35, which is fantastic but explains why we had a choice of just three teas: Earl Grey, genmaicha, and a mint.

Once the tea arrived, I took a peek inside the teapot, and noticed that there was very little water in the pot. I was initially confused at how little water there was, but then realized that the teapot held just enough water for exactly one cup, which in its own way is brilliant. Why? Because you’ll never experience that bitter taste of steeping a tea for too long since there isn’t a second cup of water sitting in the teapot for your first cup to be finished. The drawback is that you’ll be asking for multiple refills of hot water during the course of your tea service.


After a couple of sips of my tea, a box arrived holding the savories on the top tray and sweets on the bottom. The presentation is completely adorable.

I don’t love it when afternoon tea courses require utensils, but with these savories, I’m giving it a pass and giving it five stars since all three savories were delicious. The warm scotch egg was my favorite. I love how much thought went into this afternoon tea.


SCONES: ★★★★★
Two scones arrived on a separate tray and the empty savories tray was taken away. Great portion size, and I liked that it came with individual servings of clotted cream and jam.


SWEETS: ★★★★★
Again, utensils were required for this course, although I ate the chocolate dipped, cheesecake filled strawberry using my fingers. I didn’t love the sweets as much as the savory course, but for $35, it completely delivers.

OVERALL: ★★★★★
A fantastic afternoon tea at a very reasonable $35. I loved it!

INFO: Measure in Langham Place | 400 Fifth Ave. at 36th Street | New York, NY 10018 | 212.613.8667
COST: $35

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