Afternoon Tea Review: Sanctuary T, Spring Bouquet Tea

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Earlier this summer, I had Sanctuary T’s Signature afternoon tea and went back for their Spring Bouquet Tea, which is double the cost of their Signature Tea ($24), at $48. What’s the difference between the two? For starters, a crapload of food. I’m getting full just thinking about it.


SETTING: ★★★☆☆
As mentioned in the Signature Afternoon Tea post, Sanctuary T is a cafe that’s a cute, casual place to pop in for lunch or for tea.

SERVICE: ★★★★☆
Very good, although not as consistentas the last time, mostly due to not having a dedicated server. When you order the Spring Bouquet Afternoon Tea, one server comes to your table with a menu, but then the pastry chef takes over, and we were signaling other servers when we couldn’t find the chef. Although I will say, all the servers were very nice.


With both their afternoon tea services, you get unlimited tea, which is a nice touch. I started with an iced Bourbon Vanilla, a black tea. One thing I didn’t notice the last time since I had chai with milk, is that the iced teas tasted too watered down. Since it’s iced, the tea needs to be a stronge brew for the full flavor to come out, otherwise it gets too diluted, which was what I experienced.


With the Spring Bouquet Tea, the pastry chef comes out and gives a short presentation and explains what you get with the afternoon tea. We started off with a tasty and light Grapefruit Ice with Basil.


Soon after we clean off the grapefruit ice, the three-tiered tray came out with savories and scones. As with the Signature Afternoon Tea, I selected the tea sandwiches at the time I called to make the reservation. We chose the Toasted Ham & Cheese, Egg Truffle, and Gorgonzola Beans with Kale. Favorite was the Egg Truffle, with the Gorgonzola Beans a close second. I just wish the baguette was cut smaller and thinner since there was too much bread. I didn’t think the toasted tea sandwich worked, since the cheese hardened up a bit while we tried the other savories.

SCONES: ★★★★★
The last time, I had said that they didn’t offer scones, but it turned out that what I thought were tea cakes are actually their version of scones. Not traditional scones, but really delicate and delicious. I piled on the roasted strawberry preserves and the homemade whipped cream. Loved it.


SWEETS: ★★★☆☆
After having a few savories and one scone each, we moved onto the sweets, which came out on separate plates. It was never-ending. Plate after plate came out of the kitchen. We each got a plate of the above. It was way too much food and they all started tasting the same. I took a couple of bites of each pastry and they were good, but it got overwhelming. I would have much preferred a mini version of all the sweets.


At this point, I ordered my second ice tea, a Toasted Almond.


They’re not joking around —more sweets. Full-sized macarons, three each.


And finally, homemade chocolates. The green tea was excellent, with crispy bits that added a little crunch.

It’s rare for me to take food home after tea, but this time, I had enough food left over for another afternoon tea, so I did. I was only able to eat half of what was served.

OVERALL: ★★★☆☆
Stick with the Signature Afternoon Tea.

INFO: Sanctuary T |  337B West Broadway (corner of Grand Street) | New York, NY 10013 | 212.941.7832
AFTERNOON TEA HOURS: 3PM – 5PM by reservation only
COST: Spring Bouquet Afternoon Tea, $48

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