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Inside the picturesque The William hotel in Midtown East is The Peacock restaurant where I met up with Sara and Georgia for afternoon tea.


The Peacock consists of two dining rooms. They describe themselves as a 19th century English gentleman’s club and with its wood-paneling, fireplace, and banquettes it definitely feels that way. It’s a more casual afternoon tea service and the tables are nicely spaced apart so it feels more intimate.

SERVICE: ★★☆☆☆
The table service itself was very good and they were super nice to add extra food so that our afternoon tea for two would work for three people… but it was a HUGE headache to make the reservation. When booking an afternoon tea, you have to fill out a form with your food and tea selections along with a form with your credit card info. I didn’t want to email them the credit card info so I called but was told they’re not authorized to take the credit card number so my options were to email in the info or go to the restaurant directly. (They use the card to hold the reservation and we paid our check using our own cards at the end of the service.)

They offer Afternoon Tea for Two for $50, and since we were a party of three, we had to either select tea for two and share or get tea service for four and most likely have food left over. Fortunately, they were nice to have the three of us share tea for two and added in some additional food items to make it for three.

After the reservation was made and confirmed by the person arranging the afternoon tea service, I got a call from the restaurant asking me to confirm, not aware it had already been, which told me there is a disconnect between the two.


The Afternoon Tea for Two comes with a pot of tea already brewed with no tea leaves in the pot. Each additional pot of tea is $7. Their tea selection of eight is from Bellocq. With no tea left in the teapot, it meant that each cup of tea was nicely brewed without any bitterness.


When ordering, the afternoon tea menu form lists 14 food items and you get to pick six. Our preselected items arrived on a three-tier tray.


The tea sandwiches were very good. The sandwiches themselves were a little bit bigger ins size than most tea sandwiches, but not so big as to be overwhelming. They were more hefty than dainty. Fresh soft bread with ample amounts of filling were thoroughly enjoyed with their creamy egg tea sandwich being a highlight for all three of us.


Scones are served with lemon curd and homemade jam, but no clotted cream, which knocks off a star. One scone per person, the portion size was great and the scone itself was REALLY GOOD. We asked if they had any clotted cream, and thankfully, they had some which made the scones even better.


SWEETS: ★★☆☆☆
Two sweets per person and we each got a Banoffee Pie and a Bakewell Tart. The tart was cloyingly sweet and after two bites, I stopped eating it. The Banoffee Pie however was good, with a puff pastry base.

This is a tough one to review since the tea service itself was nice, but the reservation process was not a smooth experience.

INFO: The Peacock | 24 East 39th Street | New York, NY 10016 | 646.837.6776
AFTERNOON TEA HOURS: No set hours, arranged upon request
COST: Afternoon Tea for Two, $50

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  1. That reservation process sounds like a nightmare! I wouldn’t feel comfortable emailing my card info either. It seems fairly unreasonable in this day and age to send that sort of information through email with no guarantee of additional encryption or what security measures they take to keep it safe. The service and restaurant itself look absolutely lovely, though!


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