An Oolong Tea Tasting with Té Company

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My friend Queenie went to New Amsterdam Market a couple of months ago and she told me about an “Oolong Girl” that sells just oolong tea at the market. Of course, that piqued my interest and I got in touch with Elena of Té Company, “Oolong Girl,” and she was nice enough to set up a tea tasting.


Everything was set up, and ready for us when Queenie and I met up with Elena (who’s SUPER nice, by the way), and we got started drinking a LOT of oolong tea.

Starting with the lightest in flavor, Elena expertly weighed, and steeped three different oolongs.


Tightly balled up oolong tea to be steeped.


Elena steeped a total of 6 oolongs (Graceful Hill, Royal Coutesan, Rose Scented Evergreen, Honeyed Evergreen, Iron Goddess, Frozen Summit ’02 Vintage) with each steeping getting progressively darker. Each had a distinct taste and the flavors came out beautifully.


Tea leaves after steeping, all unfurled.


Take a look at the color difference between two oolongs.

Bites of giant cookies and tea candy were perfect accompaniments. Speaking of which, the tea candy in the sea urchin shell were made by Fred, Elena’s chef boyfriend. I couldn’t stop crunching on them; they were so good! I need to get Queenie to figure out the recipe and make me some.


As we sipped, Elena talked about her history and love of tea, and her passion shows. Through this tea tasting, I came away with a new appreciation for oolongs. Take a look at her premium handcrafted and carefully sourced oolong teas.

Thanks so much Elena (and Fred) for a wonderful, and educational, tea tasting!

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  1. Hi Georgia, I just updated the post listing the oolongs I had. My favorites were the light to medium bodied ones. They're great for sipping while munching on treats.


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