Brooklyn Botanic Garden

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Brace yourself. There’s a lot of green going on in these photos from the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. I’ve been to the Garden about a handful of times, all at different times throughout the year and with this visit, I learned that end of summer is NOT the best time to go. Spots of color were few and far between.


This gorgeous flower in the Lily Pool Terrace was a welcome sight.


Lilies in the aptly named Lily Pool.


As soon as we got there, my friend Alia and I headed towards the Terrace Cafe for a cool beverage. It was pretty hot and super sunny. I sipped my half iced tea, half lemonade while studying the map.

Just realized that I’ve been incorrectly calling the Brooklyn Botanic Garden as Brooklyn Botanical Garden, well, pretty much my entire life.


At the Japanese Hill-and-Pond Garden. The water, yup, is also green.


The Cherry Esplanade, where people flock to every year during the Cherry Blossom season in April. Green.


I have a love/hate relationship with the Cranford Rose Garden. On one hand, it’s really pretty and well laid out. On the other hand, mosquitoes! We got bit like crazy in there.


The best time to visit the Rose Garden is in June, when the roses are in full bloom. Right now, yup, lots of green with a little peppering of reds.

Tours are available on Saturdays and Sundays at 1PM. Unfortunately, I went on a weekday and wasn’t able to take the Highlights Tour.

If you want to be overly ambitious, get the Art and Garden ticket, which gets you admission to the Garden and its neighbor Brooklyn Museum.

INFO: Brooklyn Botanic Garden | 990 Washington Avenue | Brooklyn, NY 11225 | 718-623-7200
ADMISSION: $10, Free on Tuesdays and Saturday mornings

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  1. Hi Winnie! Thanks so much for your compliments on the photos. Go, but maybe in the spring when there should be a lot more color.


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