Dawon, A Korean Traditional Tea House in Seoul

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Claire, a friend of mine that lives in Seoul, highly recommended Dawon and it did not disappoint. Off the bustling main street of Insadong is a traditional tea house in the courtyard of the Kyungin Museum of Fine Art.


There’s seating inside, but there are just two tables in the back that are set up so you can sit on the heated floor. Make sure you take off your shoes first!

Once seated, Claire accidentally knocked open the rice paper windows and we were treated to this gorgeous view of the courtyard.


It was a little tough ordering since I wanted to get EVERYTHING. Even though it was a little chilly, I opted for the iced cinnamon punch, a sweet beverage made with dried persimmon (I love persimmons.) and Claire ordered the hot Daechu (Ju jube tea), a popular drink at this tea house. All drinks are made in-house.


Iced ripe persimmons and an assortment of rice cakes were ordered for us to snack on. The rice cakes were just average, but I loved the frozen persimmons. We were given two fluffy traditional Korean rice snacks, which are one of my favorite treats.


After sipping on my sweet beverage, I munched on the dried persimmon sitting at the bottom of my tea, since apparently I can’t get enough persimmon.

I had laid my coat on the floor and once we were ready to leave, I was happy to realize a perk of sitting on a heated floor — my coat was all nice and warm when I put it on.

Upon leaving, I left the check sitting on our table, which is a no no, since you pay the cashier up front as you leave, which goes for every dining establishment in Korea. Plus, no tip to leave behind on the table, since you don’t need to tip in Seoul.

INFO: Dawon (Traditional Tea House) | 11-4 Insa-Dong 10Gil, Jongro-Gu, Seoul, 110-300 Korea | +82.2.730.6305

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  1. Hi, Jee!
    How and where can I learn to be a tea master?
    My goal is to run a Korean traditional tea restaurant.
    I’m in Honolulu, Hawaii.


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