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A while back, I had taken a floral arrangement class through a flower shop, but didn’t get much out of the experience since it was more recreational than instructional. I wanted a class where I could learn the basics of floral arrangement from the the people that taught florists. I came across a slideshow from which showed their online editor attending a class at the FlowerSchool New York. This was exactly what I was looking for.

I signed up for one class, the Class 1: Introduction to Design, which is a part of a series of multiple classes but if space is available, they’ll allow you to take individual classes for $300. Each class lasts about 2 hours and all materials are provided.




At 10:30am on Monday, I walked into the school, which is basically a storefront and selected a table which was stocked with floral clippers, floral knife, an apron, vases and a cardboard bound set of roses. Everyone got a different type of rose to work with and mine was a bright yellow. After an introduction, I learned that most of the 10 students were interested in becoming florists.


We were given a short talk on how to handle the floral knife and clippers then our instructor, Felipe Sastre, showed us how to trim and cut the roses to prepare the arrangement. Floral knives are used instead of clippers to cut the stem at an angle since clippers can pinch or crush the stems and limit the flower’s water intake. Felipe made cutting the stem with the floral knife look sooo easy, but when it was time to give it a try, I was struggling and a couple of roses did not survive. It’s definitely something that I need to keep practicing.

Next came the demonstration of the technique so we watched as he created his bouquet, then created our own.




Using a criss-cross technique, we made an arrangement where the stems create a spiral and the heads of the roses form a dome above the vase. This was a bit tricky since you had to get each stem cut down to a certain size so it looked uniform in the vase.

Felipe and another instructor walked around the class stopping at every workspace to make sure we were working correctly and to answer questions.



The class went over by about 30 minutes and I couldn’t believe how quickly the time had gone by. As soon as it ended, I wished I had signed up for the rest of the series since I had really enjoyed the class.

They also have a Beginners Open Studio ($120) which is an hour and a half class.

Note: The tools provided are only given to students signed up for the series. Since I was only attending one class, I had to return them at the end.

LOCATION: FlowerSchool New York | 5 Tudor City Place at East End of 41st Street | New York, NY 10017 | 212.661.8074
COST: $300 for an individual class

Photo Credit (Picture of me holding my finished design): Beth Horta

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  1. Hello!

    I was also a former student of FSNY (I took 2 series in July of 2011) and I absolutely loved it! I saw your post on FSNY's FB page, so very interested to read it. Indeed your blog is beautifully written and of course your photos are lovely too! Thank you for the blog! It reminds me of the good times I had in the class 🙂 I wish you all the best with becoming a floral designer very soon!!


  2. Thank you for posting this, that is very kool,
    You did a great job with the roses.
    They look amazing !
    I hope to see you around again.
    Felipe Sastre


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