Franchia Vegan Cafe

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The first time I went to Franchia, an Asian fusion vegan restaurant, I had no idea they served vegan until AFTER I ate my meal. It’s fairly convincing. I’ve been there a total of four times and each time, I end up getting the same thing – the Royal Tea Tray ($26.95). First, you’re served a tea of your choosing and I went with the Korean Wild Green Tea 1st Picked (The Royal Green Tea), which tastes really pure, clean and full of flavor; you can really taste the essence of the green tea. Instead of a teapot, they bring out a small carafe of hot water with your teacup.

Next, the tea tray arrives which is basically a tray of assorted appetizers. The tray arrives with kimchi, as this is a Korean place. Overall, it’s good and I like having a variety of things to eat. Desserts come with another choice of tea. I went with an iced chai, which was excellent and refreshing. The dessert plate had two pieces of mochi and a scoop of soy ice cream. I skipped the ice cream since I didn’t like the texture nor the flavor, but enjoyed the mochi with sips of iced chai.

LOCATION: Franchia | 12 Park Ave. between 34th and 35th Street | New York, NY 10016 | 212.213.1001


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