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My friend Georgia, who I’ve known since 5th grade, moved to Jacksonville, Florida about four years ago. I hadn’t seen her over a year, so I was overdue for a visit. As soon as I landed, we hit the ground running. After dropping off my bag at her house, we drove less than five minutes away to The Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens.


I had been to the museum once before, for Georgia’s wedding. The reception was held in the museum gardens, a stunning setting for any event.


The art in the museum spans from 2100BC to the 21st Century. The museum isn’t overwhelming, and you can see everything in about an hour or two.


Ninah Cummer gifted Jacksonville her art collection and land, which became The Cummer Museum after her death. The Tudor Room offers a look into how Ninah and her husband lived as the room is furnished and decorated with items from their home.


Ok, now to the gardens! Located right next to a river, there are three gardens; English, Italian, and the Olmsted. The English and Italian Gardens are especially breathtaking.


On a perfect day, like the day we went, you never want to leave.


Sitting in the garden, lounging, is the Cummer Oak. The tree is estimated to be between 175-200 years old and its limbs spread 150 feet.

After wandering the museum a little longer, we left, only to return a few of hours later, to attend an exhibition opening that same day.


The Collector’s Choice is an exhibition of art shared by Jackonville’s residents. After hunting down hors d’oeuvres, we walked the exhibition.


Next to each piece of art, is a note describing why the collector wanted to share the work. It added a nice personal touch.


The best part of attending the exhibition? Getting to see the rest of the museum after-hours when it’s practically empty. It’s such a wonderful experience feeling like you’re the only one in the museum.

INFO: The Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens | 829 Riverside Avenue | Jacksonville, Florida 32204 | 904.356.6857

// I was a guest of The Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens. //

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