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Stocking up on rooibos at Kusmi Tea. A rooibos in a 4.4 oz tin and organic green rooibos in sachets.


There are three Kusmi Tea locations in New York, and I visited this one on 61st Street and 3rd Ave. There’s one in the Plaza Food Hall and in Bloomingdales.


Every day there’s a sampling of a different tea.


Unlike some other tea shops, all teas are pre-packaged and there isn’t an option to buy loose leaf by the ounce. The smallest metal tins have 4.4 ounces of tea so I opt for the sachets (in muslin bags) if I want to give a new tea a try.


There are tea canisters the sales associate can take off the shelves so you can take a whiff and look at the loose leaf teas they sell.

INFO: Kusmi Tea | 1037 Third Ave at 61st Street | New York, NY 10065 | 212.355.5580

5 thoughts on “Kusmi Tea”

  1. My absolute favorite blends of theirs is the Russian line. They have such delicate, fruity layers in the bergamot! Especially the one with caramel and red fruits… 🙂 Although, I've been keeping their "Euphoria" on my "buy-next" list!

  2. Looks like a lovely shop. I have not tried these teas, but work on 3rd and 54..I willl have to head up there and pick up some. Thanks for the suggestion!


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