Ladurée Pique-Nique

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Ooh la la. Ladurée recently came out with a picnic box. True to Ladurée’s style, it is completely adorable and elegant. Since the Pique-Nique is only sold to-go, I met up with Kathy and we picked it up to have an indoor picnic at my cousin’s place in Soho.


There are two Pique-Nique boxes; one in purple for $20, and one in the traditional Ladurée light green for $29. Each box comes two boxes inside. One with four tea sandwiches and a smaller box with three macarons. The $29 version comes with an extra club sandwich. (Uh yeah, that means that one club sandwich is $9.)

The other smaller tea sandwiches were a smoked salmon (I got two in my box.), Comté cheese, and a ham. No frills, but all came individually wrapped in wax paper. Very cute.


Lo and behold. Here is the club sandwich. This one, unlike the tea sandwiches, is on toasted bread. And yes, you get half a sandwich for the extra $9. I would recommend getting the $20 box.


As for the macarons, we each got to choose three. And all three were enjoyed with sips of Kathy’s delicious matcha. (See her post on our indoor picnic.)

On the weekends, you can just pick one up at the Ladurée counter, but on the weekdays, you have to place an order 48 hours in advance to 646-392-7868.

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