Make Tea Like a Pro ebook

✓ Instant downloadable PDF file

✓ 83 pages jam packed with step-by-step instructions on how to brew tea properly

✓ Tea tips like how to store tea and why you should be using loose tea

✓ BONUS: Herbal tea cheat sheet

A Tea Sommelier’s Guide to Make Tea

An easy to understand, step-by-step guide to making tea from a tea pro!

PLUS, Quick brewing guides

From English breakfast tea to hibiscus, get a quick, at a glance visual cheat sheet to brew tea properly.

Bonus herbal tea cheat sheet

An exclusive cheat sheet only available with this ebook purchase.

What in the ebook

Tea Basics
Intro to Tea
Types of Tea
Loose Tea, Tea Sachets, and Tea Bags
Steps to Make Tea Properly
Top 10 Tea Sommelier Tips
How to Store Tea

Brewing Guides
Black Tea Brewing Notes
5 Black Teas
Oolong Tea Brewing Notes
2 Oolong Teas
Green Tea Brewing Notes
6 Green Teas
White Tea Brewing Notes
1 White Tea
Herbal Tea Brewing Notes
11 Herbal Teas

Cheat Sheets


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It’s $14.99.

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