Minamoto Kitchoan

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Kasutera (aka Castella), a sponge cake sold in a long box ($14). There’s plain and green tea (above). It’s fluffy and dense at the same time.


Sayamanomine, a matcha crepe folded with red bean paste and mochi ($4).


Minamoto Kitchoan is right by Rockefeller Center and I used to get afternoon snacks here all the time when I worked in a building nearby. It’s a bakery filled with all sorts of Japanese confectionery. And because this place is Japanese, everything sold is adorably packaged.


Plastic replicas of the are on display so you know what’s in each package.


Some of these treats have to be eaten within a couple of days and the saleswomen will let you know which ones as they put them in your shopping bag. I’ve never been disappointed by anything made with mochi here; They’re never too sweet and the texture is perfect.

LOCATION: Minamoto Kitchoan | 608 Fifth Ave. (It’s actually on 49th Street between Fifth & Sixth Ave.) | New York, NY 10020 | 212.489.3747

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  1. I'm a big fan of the tiny London branch as well. You're right; the good are never too sweet and the service is good. I try to practice my Japanese when I'm there but always end up rambling. The gracious staff don't seem to mind.

  2. Hi Milla, that's a great place to practice your Japanese! The women who work there are so nice and always have a smile on their face.


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