New York Fashion Week – Concept Korea

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Thanks to my friend Nana, who works PR for Lie Sang Bong, a Korean fashion designer, I was lucky enough to attend New York Fashion Week this past Friday. Lie Sang Bong’s collection was shown as part of Concept Korea, a collaborative presentation (not a runway show) along with four other Korean designers. With my iphone in hand, I clicked away…(see all photos here)

The presentation is set up to showcase each of the designers on platformed areas along the perimeter of the room. Attendees have the open floor in the middle to walk around to see each collection. Models walk out and stand at their respective designers’ spot for the length of the presentation. All designers showed 10 looks and Lie Sang Bong’s collection was a pretty mix of bold geometric shapes, graphic colors and clean lines. The presentation lasted an hour, and at the end, you are asked to leave so they can prepare the space for the next show.

While the runway shows are going on inside Lincoln Center, there’s another show going on outside. A flurry of photographers (amateurs and professionals) are out on the plaza clicking away, taking photos of fashion-savvy attendees. It’s a great place to people-watch. After the show ended, I ended up hanging around outside for a while, watching all the activity. Even if you don’t have an invitation to get inside to see any of the shows, stop by Lincoln Center and enjoy the show going on right outside. It’s quite entertaining.

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  1. How exciting! I love the shots you took. I have never been to any events at fashion week (sad for a native New Yorker, right?) I will remember your tip for next year and go see what is happening outside!


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