Oolong Tea Tasting at T Shop

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There’s a new teahouse in New York City! Thanks to Georgia, I found out about T Shop in Nolita and we met up for a tea tasting.


Currently there are just eight selection of teas, all personally sourced by the owner, Theresa. We were asked which tea we were interested in tasting and we went with oolong.


She brought over two kinds and after taking a whiff of both, we decided on the Roasted Oolong.

We sat at a table together, with Theresa on one side and us on the other. We did five steepings, all expertly prepared in a gaiwan by Theresa. In the top photo, you’ll see three cups and one was hers as she drank and chatted with us.


The place is cozy with just three tables and a small bar with a handful of chairs.

The shop isn’t directly off the street, so once you see the T Shop green sign above the Psychic sign at the door, walk down the hallway until you see a glass door with an illustrated black teapot.


A look at the oolong leaves after our fifth steeping. All the tight little balls have unfurled.


Our tea tasting with five steepings of oolong were $10 each. No tips were accepted and tax wasn’t added so it was $10 each flat.

The Roasted Oolong was excellent, so I’ll be going back to try the other teas in the shop.

INFO: T Shop | 247 Elizabeth Street | New York, NY 10012 | 646-726-4086

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