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Sanctuary T in Soho is a casual afternoon tea spot with tea service for just $24. No scones, which seems to be the norm with afternoon teas within this price range. After making a reservation (required!), I met up with a friend to catch up.


You can’t just pop in to get afternoon tea. There’s some planning that needs to take place. You need to call 24-48 hours in advance and select an afternoon tea, the Signature ($24) or the special one for Spring ($48). For the regular afternoon tea, which we went with, I also had to decide on two tea sandwiches. This all happened on the call when making the reservation where a list of tea sandwich choices were rattled off.


SETTING: ★★★☆☆
It’s a cute cafe that’s a great place to pop in for lunch, but not the ideal setting for an afternoon tea. Bar stool sitting along the counter, behind which are a wall of teas and teapots.

SERVICE: ★★★★★
Excellent. Our server was very friendly and attentive.


As soon as we sat down, we were given a tea menu. For the afternoon tea service. pick any of the teas listed on the last page of the menu.


Excellent. A great selection of everything from black teas to a variety of rooibos. The only thing missing were white teas, which I didn’t even miss. They had three chai teas and I went with the Masala Chai. All teas can be iced free of charge, which is perfect for a hot summer day. Comes with rock sugar and milk. Oh, another thing, which is a bit unusual, all teas on the last page are served unlimited. Meaning you can switch up teas throughout the afternoon tea. I could barely finish my giant cup of Masala, so just one cup for me.


And soon after the teas are served, the three-tiered tray with afternoon tea for two is brought out.


The bottom tray with the tea sandwiches I had selected previously on the reservation call. Salmon with cream cheese and crostini with goat cheese and grilled asparagus. Excellent portion size and the savories were excellent. Just wish we had more of a selection than the two. But then again, they were super tasty, fresh, and the tea service was just $24. I was marveling at how perfectly the salmon sandwiches were cut.


SCONES: Not Applicable. No scones were served.

SWEETS: ★★★★
No scones, but instead a delicious tea cake that looks a bit like a biscuit. Slather on the strawberry preserves sitting on the top tier. A peanut butter mini pastry, a small glazed mini cake, and a small filled doughnut hole round out the rest of the sweets. Oh wait! One more thing…



The afternoon tea takes some effort to reserve so you really have to want it. It’s worth it, but  I wish the process was a lot easier, or even better, not have to reserve at all for it. If anything, a list of the tea sandwich choices on their site would be helpful. I’ll be back for the Spring Afternoon Tea.

Note: The website says afternoon tea is served Monday – Wednesday, but I went on a Friday, so the info on the site is off.

INFO: Sanctuary T |  337B West Broadway (corner of Grand Street) | New York, NY 10013 | 212.941.7832
AFTERNOON TEA HOURS: 3PM – 5PM by reservation only
COST: Signature Afternoon Tea, $24

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