Royce’ Chocolate Tasting

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I was so excited to get an invite to the Madison Ave. Royce’ location for a chocolate tasting. I’m already a big fan of Royce’ so I’ve already had quite a few of their chocolates and I was looking forward to trying all the new products. (See previous Royce’ post here.)


There is a second level of the shop (for employees only) where a table was set up with a selection of chocolates. I liked everything I tried, and here are some that were especially noteworthy:


Nama Chocolate is a chocolate powder covered ganache. So smooth, it just melts right on the tongue. I tried a whole bunch of flavors and liked the Matcha (green tea) and the “Au Lait” the most. If you like chocolate, you’ll love these.


Moving on to the chocolate covered popcorns. Just like their chocolate covered potato chips, these are a great balance of salty and sweet.


For Christmas, they have a few items that are packaged in holiday boxes. I wasn’t sure I would like these chocolate dipped cookies, but they were really tasty. The cookie was a Goldilock’s of cookies — not too hard, not too soft. The buttery flavor went well with the chocolate that’s dipped on one side of the cookie.


And, here are goodies all wrapped up to give as gifts.

INFO: ROYCE’ Chocolate | 509 Madison Ave. btw 52nd St. & 53rd St. | New York, NY 10022 | 646.590.0650

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