Sanmotoonge, The Hardest Cafe to Find in Seoul

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There’s no way I would have found, or even have know about this cafe, if it wasn’t for my friend Claire who lives in Seoul and frequents this place. To get to Sanmotoonge cafe, it takes a subway ride followed by a cab where Claire had to direct the cab driver, and a 15 minute walk — all uphill! But oh, the views!

Once we got there, I spotted the yellow Volkswagen and it reminded me of Merci, a shop and cafe in Paris that has a tiny car in front.


We arrived there at 11AM, just as they were opening and we took a look around the place. There are multiple sitting areas on different levels.


The outdoor spaces are breathtaking with wonderful views. It was too cold to sit outside, so back inside we go.


The lower level has rooms set up like a children’s playroom and a living room.


After ordering a couple of tea lattes (a little on the pricy side since you’re paying for the view) at the counter by the entrance and picking up our drinks (no table service), we chose a spot one flight up and took seats by the window.


We slowly sipped our drinks (my tea latte came sweetened), snacked on the little packaged cookies, and enjoyed the calming views…


including this one of the Seoul fortress wall that snakes up this mountain.

It’s one of those tea spots where you feel completely comfortable and don’t want to leave…especially when you know you have a 15 minute walk just to find a cab.

INFO: Sanmotoonge | 97-5 Buam-dong,Jongno-gu | Seoul, South Korea | +82.2.391.4737

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