RECAP: Spring Flowers + Matcha Workshop // May 6

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A look at the Spring Flowers Buttercream and Hands-on Matcha Workshop held at Chalait in NYC earlier this month.

Matcha workshop

Last week, JiAhn of Brooklyn Floral Delight and I co-hosted a workshop at Chalait’s Hudson Street location.

JiAhn taught our group (including me!) how to make Japanese buttercream flowers and I led in showing how to make matcha the traditional way.

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BK Floral Delight Workshop

BK Floral Delight Workshop

First we made the buttercream flowers, starting with the cherry blossoms.

JiAhn really is a master with buttercream since all her flowers were made effortlessly and came out gorgeous each time.

Me? Not so much. Mine were looking more like carnations at first.

But JiAhn gave great tips and guided us through so mine did look better after each pipe.

BK Floral Delight Workshop

After the cherry blossoms, we made chrysanthemums and let me tell you, this one was no joke.

JiAhn makes it look so easy, but my first attempt was not so great.

You really need to have some hand strength to get the piping done correctly but thankfully, my second attempt came out so much better!

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Matcha workshop

We each took home 6 decorated mini cupcakes that we made and I got a ton of compliments on my buttercream flowers.

I got a lot of “you made these???!!” which was astounding since mine still needed more practice.

See two of the flowers I made in the photo above.

(Everyone got a piping kit to take home so we can keep practicing.)

Now for the matcha!

I gave a little talk on the basics of matcha and then got right down to business making a ton of matcha tea — actually we all did.

It’s one thing to watch someone making matcha but it’s totally different making it yourself.

I wanted to focus on everyone making matcha multiple times since practice definitely makes it better.

We, as a group, made matcha using two ceremonial grades from Chalait (one that’s a little higher grade than the other) and we compared the two in taste and color.

I shared my tricks and tips to getting that perfect matcha froth — everyone did great!

The final matcha was made into a latte, which we all sipped while taking bites of Japanese mochi and sweets.

Everyone took home a matcha starter kit which included a canister of matcha to-go sticks from Chalait.

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Thanks to those that attended — you made it that much more special!

And a special thank you to Chalait for hosting us!

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