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Welcome to Oh, How Civilized! I’m Jee, a certified Tea Sommelier and I’m all about making tea easy and delicious. On this site, you’ll find delicious tea recipes, how to brew tea properly, and afternoon tea guides.

Tea Recipes

Get delicious tea recipes with shortcuts to make it easy without sacrificing taste. Each recipe is tested multiple times to make sure it comes out amazing.

Some of my popular drink recipes:



1. Hot brew method

  • Brew tea in hot water, strain tea leaves, then cool.
  • Takes about 1-2 hours to make, with the bulk of time waiting for the tea to cool in the refrigerator. 
  • I rarely use this method to make iced tea.
  • Recipe: Easy Sweet Tea

2. Ice chill method

  • Brew tea in hot water, strain tea leaves, then cool quickly using ice. 
  • Takes less than 10 minutes to make.
  • One drawback is that you need a lot of ice to make iced tea using this method.
  • Recipe: Quick & Easy Iced Tea

3. Cold brew method

  • This is the best way to make iced tea. It’s easy but it takes a few hours.
  • Brew tea in cold water in the refrigerator for 12 hours, then strain tea leaves.
  • It takes a while (12 hours!) but it’s the BEST way to make iced tea.
  • Iced tea is clean, refreshing, and so smooth.
  • Less caffeine than making tea the other two ways.
  • Recipe: How to Easily Make the Best iced Tea (Cold Brew It!)

How to brew Tea Properly

See the proper way to make tea from Earl Grey to Hibiscus, hot and cold.

Tea brewing guides

Afternoon tea

Tea Sandwich Recipes