Tea Sandwiches

Creamy, tangy and sweet, this open faced tea sandwich is a perfect two-bite. Just five ingredients are needed. Equal parts goat cheese and mascarpone cheese Fig jam with whole fruit cut in half (I used Nar Gourmet’s Baby Fig Jam c/o) Roughly chopped pecans White bread cut into squares, then lightly toasted I mixed goat cheese and mascarpone to create a spreadable cheese mixture and to make it a little less pungent.

Tea Sandwich // Goat and Mascarpone Cheese, Fig Jam, & Caramelized Pecans

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This tea sandwich was inspired by the foie gras tea sandwich I had at the Shangri-La Paris. (See my post and photos of their version.) Creamy and sweet, Shangri-La’s tea sandwich was so delicious that I wanted to create my own.

Tea Sandwich // Foie Gras

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