Tea + Food

Three tea friends, three white teas, three wedges of cheese equals three hours of non-stop eating and drinking. Sara, Georgia, and I are all taking the Tea Sommelier online course at the International Tea Education Institute (ITEI), a tea school based in Canada.

Tea Pairing 101: White Tea

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What’s better than spending an afternoon drinking tea for four hours? I’ll tell you, drinking tea for FIVE hours. Claire, a new tea friend I met through Kathy, invited us for an afternoon of tea and small bites in her light-drenched apartment in Manhattan.

Pairing Tea and Savories

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Pairing oolong tea with salty and rich foods from anchovies to canned tuna. See each tea steep and food pairing. Thanks to Fred at Te Company, I was introduced to THE BEST anchovies IN THE WORLDDDDD.

Oolong Tea Pairing

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Tea at Three at Kristy's - Table Setting

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen some behind the scenes of this amazing afternoon tea at Kristy’s. Kristy Mucci, KathyYLChan, Alice Gao, and I had a delightful afternoon sipping tea and enjoying delicious bites of finger food for hours.

Tea at Three at Kristy’s

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