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So excited about Tea Drunk in the East Village. Georgia and I headed over to check out this new tea shop recently and I loved it. (Read her post.)


Both Georgia and I had assumed it would be a tea cafe, but once we got there, found out they don’t serve any food. It’s just straight up tea, and nothing but tea.


And not just any tea, but pure, high quality Chinese tea. If you’re looking for an authentic Chinese tea experience, this is it.

The menu is multiple pages long, and I wasn’t sure what to get, but the owner, Shunan, walked us though the menu and made suggestions. She knows her tea.


We ordered a red tea, a Spring 2013 Dian Hong to share. And good thing we did, since we were able to get over 10 steepings out of it.


Shunan poured the hot water, steeped the tea, and poured it into our tiny three-sip cups for us. Every pour brought out different flavors out of the tea. After the 6th cup, I was feeling very warm and started to feel a little tea drunk.


When we first got there, we were asked to pick a tea pet. They’re made out of clay and you nourish it with tea. The first steep was poured over the tea pet. I picked a turtle, who I named Norman.


The Dian Hong we ordered was $29, so it’s not your regular cup of tea pricing, but the entire experience makes it well worth it.

INFO: Tea Drunk | 123 East 7th Street | New York, NY 10009 | 917-573-9936

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