Tea for One Sets

A tea for one set is a nested teapot and matching tea cup that’s perfect for a serving for one person. Here are my tea for one set picks.

London map tea for one set

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London Map Tea for One

Adorable illustration, a matching saucer, and perfect for tea time, this London Map Tea for One is made from bone china. It ships from the UK to the US for just $8. 

Comes in a branded box that makes it a great gift idea for a tea lover.


Tea for One Sets

Tea for one sets are great for making a pot of tea for one person.

What I like about tea for one sets is that the teapot is approximately the same size as the tea cup. This means that every time you brew, you’ll pour out all the liquid from the teapot.

Why do I prefer this? It means you won’t have tea oversteeping in the teapot which can cause your tea to be way too bitter and undrinkable.

I love teapot for one sets for the office or for a quiet tea at home.

How to Make the Perfect Pot of Tea in a Tea for One Set

  1. Boil cold filtered water to the correct temperature for your tea. (Water temperature will vary according to the type of tea.)
  2. Warm the teapot and tea cup by pouring hot water into the pot and cup and giving the water a swirl then pouring it out into a sink.
  3. Using one heaping teaspoon of tea per cup. (You may need two teaspoons depending on the size of your teapot.)
  4. Steep tea for the correct amount of time depending on the type of your tea.
  5. Pour tea out completely, leaving only the tea leaves or tea bag in the pot.

These are the steps I go through to ensure a perfect cup of tea every single time I brew a pot.

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Boiling Water for a Tea for One Set

None of the teapots in the tea for one sets are meant to be used directly on the stove. 

What I always prefer to do is to use an electric kettle so that I can the correct water temperature each and every time.

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Vintage look tea for one

Royal Tea Set

A raised crown design on both the teapot and tea cup, this porcelain Royal Tea Set is made for one serving.

I especially love the gray color which adds to the vintage look.

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Floral tea for one

Royal Albert Rose Confetti Tea for One

Royal Albert is a company that makes a lot of different tea sets and I really like the look of this  Rose Confetti Tea for One that comes in a bright pink box.

It’s a fresher version of your grandmother’s tea set with the miniature rose design and 22K gold trim. Note the dainty handle and ruffled trim. 

White tea for one set

White Teapot and Cup Set

With the teapot nested in the tea cup, this Teapot and Cup Set holds 12 oz of water. Made of porcelain, it’s dishwasher safe.

If you’re looking for basic white tea for one, this is a good choice especially since it’s under $20!

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Kitten tea for one

Pekoe Cat Teapot and Tea Cup Set

For all you cat lovers, this Pekoe Cat set is perfect for a tea break for one. This stoneware teapot holds 16 oz of water.

This tea for one doesn’t have a tea cup with a handle and instead of being stacked under the teapot, it’s reversed: turned upside down on top of the pot.

Peony Wedgwood tea for one

Paeonia Blush 3 Piece Porcelain China Tea Set

By the famed fine china company Wedgwood, this Paeonia Blush Porcelain China Tea Set will add an elegant and old money vibe to your tea time. 

The bold blue color and the pink peonies make it looks like it belongs on a wallpaper pattern in a multimillion dollar apartment on the Upper East Side in Manhattan. Comes in a fancy Wedgwood gift box.

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Glass tea for one

Glass Tea for One Set

A heat resistant glass teapot, cup and strainer holds about 18 oz of water and it’s under $15.

I prefer ceramic or porcelain for teaware but a glass teapot is great for when you’re brewing herbal tea or for whenever you want to see the tea leaves.

Wedgwood tea for one

Wild Strawberry Teapot Set for One

Made by Wedgewood, maker of fine china, this Teapot Set for One is from their Wild Strawberry collection. The teaware may look familiar if you ever had afternoon tea at the Crosby Street Hotel in New York

The teapot holds 17 oz. and the tea cup holds 8.5 oz. 

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FORLIFE tea for one set

FORLIFE Tea for One

The FORLIFE Tea for One comes with a stainless-steel tea infuser so it’s great for making loose leaf tea.

It’s dishwasher safe and holds 14 oz of water. Comes in a range of different colors.

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Flower tea for one

Flower Tea for One Set 

In a blue flower pattern with matching teapot, tea cup, and saucer, this porcelain Tea for One Set sold on Amazon is under $25.

It adds a feminine touch to your afternoon tea.

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