Cucumber & Salmon Roe Tea Sandwich

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A twist on the classic cucumber tea sandwich. Open-faced and cut into a circular shape using a cookie cutter.

A few notes:
– Cut the bread to be the same size as the cucumber. I matched up the cucumber with the right sized round cookie cutter from my cookie cutter set.
– I used a seedless cucumber because they tend to be less bitter and sweeter (the seeds are what makes them bitter), usually unwaxed so you don’t need to peel them, they have thinner skin and have less water content. They’re usually sold wrapped in plastic.
– To reduce the water from the cucumber, I laid out the sliced cucumbers on paper towels and patted them dry.
– To get the cucumber slices uniform in thickness, I used a mandoline slicer set to 1/8″.
– I found salmon roe at a Japanese supermarket but they also sell them in gourmet markets.
– Whipped cream cheese is recommended since it’s easier to spread.


Salmon Roe
Sliced Cucumber
White Bread
Whipped Cream Cheese

1. Use cookie cutter to cut bread into round shapes. Spread cream cheese to top of bread.
2. Pat dry cucumber slices. Top bread with cucumber and salmon roe.
3. Add a sprig of dill and serve!

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