Tea at Three x Jo Malone London

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Do you know what time it is? It’s time for Tea at Three! (See our first Tea at Three.)

What’s Tea at Three? It’s where Kristy (KristyMucci.com), Kathy (KathyYLChan.com), Alice (Lingered-Upon.com), and I get together to create our own tea experiences.  (But it’s really just a way for me to hang out with three of my favorite bloggers/Instagrammers.)


For this one, we worked with Jo Malone London and had tea and sweets in the Blank Space art gallery tucked inside the Lie SangBong store in the Meatpacking district in NYC.


Kathy, our resident tea expert prepared cold brew tea to have with our sweets. (She looked amazing in the Lie SangBong white jumpsuit with her super long legs!) We sourced the tea from one of our favorite tea companies, in pursuit of tea.

Cold brewed overnight, we had a total of six teas which we selected to complement Jo Malone London’s Rare Teas collection of six fragrances all served in wine glasses. Yup, Jo Malone London came up with a way for me to luxuriate myself with tea with one spray of a bottle. My favorite fragrance? The Oolong Tea.


Kristy, our resident food stylist created the menu and made the sweets. We had Tonka Cocoa Madeleines (the tonka bean is a scent character in the Oolong Tea fragrance — so clever that Kristy!), Classic Madeleines, Strawberry Rose Compote, and fresh strawberries and cherries from the Greenmarket. Goes without saying that it was all delicious. Well, I guess I did just say it.





With the food and drinks all laid out, we got ourselves ready to enjoy our little tea party.


We all wore pieces from Lie SangBong: Kristy in the navy/white dress with cutouts, Kathy in the white jumpsuit, Alice in the bomber jacket, and me in a navy dress.

(This is the shot where I told everyone NOT to look at the camera — ONLY ME. Haha.)


Between a few bites, of course we took some photos. Here is Alice doing her thing.


And we played with some of the Rare Teas bottles. Both Alice and Kathy loved the Darjeeling Tea fragrance.


Alice with her GINORMOUS camera lens, chasing the light, as one does if your name is Alice Gao.


Me, soaking up my arm with the Midnight Black Tea scent trying to get a shot of the fragrance mist. Result: Nope, not happening even after 100+ shots.

Tea at Three in collaboration with Jo Malone London.

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Location | Blank Space art gallery | Randall Stoltzfus (Artist)
Tea | in pursuit of tea
ClothesLie SangBong (Special thanks to the Lie SangBong team, especially Victor.)

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