Best Water Filters for Tea

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Filtered water is the most important step for improving the flavor of your tea. A little lost on which water filter to choose? Here’s a list of my top picks!

Water filters

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Water Filters for Making Tea

The best tasting water makes the best tasting tea and using filtered water is the easiest way to make your tea taste better.

Instead of using tap water, go with filtered water whenever you make tea.

Tea Sommelier’s Tip: By removing impurities and chemicals from your water, filters allow the tea to have a more clear and consistent flavor.

What to Look for When Buying a Water Filter

  • Filtration rate
    Check for the maximum filtration rate to make sure that your filter can produce the right amount of water for your daily use. If you consume a lot of water, you need to make sure your filter can handle it.
  • Installation and operation cost
    Some are as simple as a pitcher that you fill at the sink while others might require professional installation and difficult cartridge replacement, so look for a filter that you can easily maintain.
  • Replacement filter cost
    Check the price of the filter replacement before buying so you’re aware of the cost per year since you need to replace the filter every 3-6 months.
  • Filter change indicator
    It’s hard to remember how often filter cartridges need to be replaced, so it’s helpful to buy a water filter with an indicator.

My Pick for Best Water Filter for Tea:

PUR 11-Cup Water Pitcher

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A great sized water pitcher that holds 11 cups which is perfect for serious tea drinkers. It’s also easy to clean and has an indicator to show filter status.
PUR 18-Cup Water Filter Dispenser

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Slim design that doesn’t take up a lot of refrigerator shelf space. Holds over a gallon of water. Handles make it easy to carry and refill.

Soma Water Filter Pitcher

A sleek, modern look. Holds 10 cups of water in its BPA-free plastic, shatterproof pitcher.
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PUR Faucet Water Filter

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This faucet attachment is a great pick if you don’t have a lot of space in your kitchen. I like that it’s easy to attach so that you can take it off when you don’t need it.
Aquasana Under Sink Water Filter System

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Under sink models are a step up in terms of both installation and pricing but if you’re ready to take the leap, the Aquasana is a great choice. The filters go under the sink, hidden away.
iSpring RCC7 Under Sink Filter System

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This filter system is the real deal. It has a one-year manufacturer warranty and money-back guarantee, and the filters usually last for about six months. It’s pricy but if you’re ready to invest it’s worth it.

Questions You May Have

How many filter cartridges come with the water filter?

When you buy a water filter system, it usually comes with one cartridge to get the filter set up. After that you need to buy the replacements separately.

Does the filter come with a water tester?

Sometimes. A TDS meter measures the amount of total dissolved solids in your water, and some of the nicer water filters come with one but not always. If yours doesn’t come with one, there are some inexpensive options you can buy.

Are water filters difficult to clean?

How to clean your water filter will depend on what kind of water filter you choose to buy. In general, the best way to clean a water filter is to remove the filter itself and clean that with hot, soapy water when replacing the cartridge.

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  1. Hi Bob, I have had water from the Brita and I did think it tasted better than regular tap water.