Taro Bubble Tea (Taro Milk Tea)

Taro Bubble Tea

Taro bubble tea is also known as taro milk tea and it’s one of the most popular drinks at bubble tea shops. Taro bubble tea is a purple drink made with tea, milk, sugar, ice, and tapioca balls.

What is taro?

Taro is a root vegetable and it’s not a purple sweet potato or ube (purple yam).  All three are similar, so it’s easy to confuse them, especially since they can be used to create purple colored drinks.

Make it at home!

It's surprisingly easy to make taro bubble tea at home.


Make tea.

Cook tapioca balls in hot water and strain.

Shake taro milk tea ingredients in a cocktail shaker.

Assemble drink! Tapioca balls, taro milk tea, and ice.

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