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Starbucks Chai Latte Copycat

Author: Jee Choe
A recreation of the popular tea drink at Starbucks, with froth that's easily made at home.
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Prep Time 7 mins
Total Time 7 mins
Course Drinks
Yield1 serving (16 ounces)



  • Heat chai concentrate and milk in a saucepan.
    Simmer on low for 4-5 minutes, stirring occasionally.
  • Pour heated chai latte into a French press.
  • Place lid on the French press and move the plunger up and down 20 times.
    Make sure to hold onto the lid as you move the plunger. Chai latte will double in volume.
  • Pour chai latte into a mug.



  • 2% milk is what Starbucks uses to make makes their chai latte but you can use any kind of milk you like, including oat or soy.
  • Every company makes a different chai blend using different spices so if you want your chai latte to taste just like Starbucks, you'll need to use the Tazo chai concentrate.
  • No need to add any sugar since the chai concentrate is sweetened.
  • To customize your drink, add brown sugar syrup and swap the 2% milk with oat milk. Top it off with Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Foam.
  • If don't want the froth, you can skip the French press and just heat the milk and chai concentrate.
  • Don’t overfill the French press. Since the chai latte will double in volume as air is pumped in, don't fill the French press more than halfway with the chai latte.
  • A handheld milk frother can also be used to make froth, but the French press does a better job.
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