Arcade Bakery’s Laminated Baguette

Update: Acrade Bakery has closed.

What do you get when you cover a baguette with croissant dough? You get this beautiful laminated baguette.


Laminated dough is layered, buttery dough that’s used to make croissants. Arcade Bakery takes that dough and wraps it around their baguette dough and bakes it to create this flaky crust goodness.


Note the paper sleeve the baguette comes in blotted with butter from the laminated dough.


Perfect for sandwiches but just as good ripped off and eaten piece by piece.

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  • Diane
    5 years ago

    That looks amazing.

  • Indulgent. I like it.

  • cathy
    3 years ago

    Do you happen to know if the laminated baguette is there from opening? Or is it only available at certain times of the day?

    • Jee
      3 years ago

      Hi Cathy, I’m not sure if the laminated baguette is there every morning. I would call them and find out — it’ll be worth trying it!

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