5 Easy Step to Make Lavender Tea Properly

Lavender tea is an herbal drink made from dried lavender flower buds. See the proper way to brew this floral beverage, hot and cold.

How to make lavender tea

Lavender Tea

Lavender tea is made by steeping dried lavender flower buds in water.

The flowers and buds are purple in color, resulting in a slightly purple-hued drink.

It’s believed to have calming properties and may aid in sleep.

What is Lavender?

Lavender is a flowering plant that is native to the Mediterranean and is part of the mint family.

The lavender color is named after the flowers.

The buds of the lavender flower are dried and made into lavender tea. There are over 40 species of lavender — the English and French species are the most commonly used to make lavender tea.

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Lavender Tea Formula

It’s the same formula to make both hot and iced lavender tea. 

1/2 teaspoon of lavender loose tea for every cup of water (8 fl. oz.).

My Lavender Tea Pick:

What Does Lavender Tea Taste Like?

The taste is heavily floral with a slight minty note. It tastes light and fresh if made correctly.

A little lavender goes a long way. It’s easy to overdo it, resulting in an overpowering floral taste which you want to avoid.

I don’t like lavender tea on its own but it’s great when added with other ingredients like chamomile and Earl Grey.

lavender buds

Is There Caffeine in Lavender Tea?

There’s absolutely no caffeine in lavender tea. 

Are There Any Calories in Lavender Tea?

There’s no calories in lavender tea. 

It’s only when you add milk or sugar to the drink that you add on calories.

Is Lavender Tea a Real Tea?

Nope! Lavender tea is NOT a real tea. 

What is a real tea? Real tea is tea that comes from the camellia sinensis plant. Since lavender comes from the lavender plant, it’s not considered a real tea. Real tea contains caffeine. 

Lavender tea is tea in the loosest sense of the word — an infusion in water.

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What are the Health Benefits of Lavender Tea?

  • May help you sleep
    There is zinc (along with potassium and magnesium) in lavender which may help you sleep better and longer.
  • Can be used to fight fungal infections
    Lavender has been shown to have strong antifungal properties.
  • Reduces anxiety
    Lavender may give you a sense of calm and reduce anxiety.

There has not been extensive testing with lavender tea which means there isn’t strong evidence to back these health claims.

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Lavender tea ingredients

What I Use to Make Lavender Tea

Dried lavender buds in teapot

How to Make Lavender Tea Properly

The most important thing to remember about making lavender tea is to not add too much lavender. It will just taste too strong and will not be pleasant to drink.

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STEP 1: Boil water.

Boil filtered water since it tastes better than regular tap water.

I use an electric kettle with a temperature setting to boil water for tea and I set the water to 208°F, which is a bit under a full boil.

Boil more than needed since you want extra to warm up the teapot.

Warming up teapot for tea

STEP 2: Warm up teapot.

Pour boiling hot water into a teapot halfway. Swirl it around a bit so the teapot can warm up. Discard the water.

I like to warm up the teapot so that when I add hot water to brew the tea, the water temperature doesn’t drop too much.

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Hot lavender tea

STEP 3: Put lavender tea into teapot and add hot water.

The formula is 1/2 teaspoon of loose lavender tea for every cup of water. 

Hot lavender tea

STEP 4: Cover teapot and steep for 5 minutes.

Herbal teas like lavender are a lot easier to brew than other types of teas. You can brew them for more than 5 minutes and they won’t get horribly bitter like black tea or green tea.

I like to stick to a 5 minute brew time for most herbal teas since it brews a nicely flavorful drink each time without being too weak or too strong.

With that said, if you prefer a stronger brew, add more steep time. I wouldn’t add more lavender since it makes the drink way too strong.

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Hot lavender tea

STEP 5: Strain lavender buds and pour hot tea into a teacup.

You’ve got yourself a nice cup of lavender tea! Sip away!

If you want to sweeten your lavender tea, try sugar, honey, or date syrup.

Iced lavender tea

How to Make Iced Lavender Tea Properly

To make the very best iced lavender tea, cold brew it! 

Cold brewing tea is the only way I make iced tea since it tastes so much better than any other method. And it’s the easiest.

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Water and lavender buds in teapot

STEP 1: Put lavender tea and water in a pitcher or glass container.

The same formula is used for hot and cold lavender tea: 1/2 teaspoon of lavender for every cup of water.

Use cold or room temperature water to make cold brewed tea. No need for hot water at all!

Remember to use filtered water for the best tasting iced tea.

You can also use this cold brew maker if you make iced tea often. I like to get two and put them in constant rotation in the summer.

Cold brewed lavender tea

STEP 2: Cover pitcher and put in refrigerator for at least 12 hours.

You can keep it in the refrigerator to cold steep for up to 24 hours.

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Pouring cold brewed lavender tea

STEP 3: Strain out lavender buds and pour tea into a cup.

Since the tea is already chilled, ice is optional.

I don’t like to sweeten my lavender tea but if you want to, add simple sugar, which is dissolved sugar in equal part water. You can easily make simple sugar at home by mixing equal parts sugar and hot water until the sugar dissolves.

Lavender Tea Tips

  • Don’t add too much lavender buds to your tea since it’ll be too overpowering. I tried initially with a teaspoon of lavender and it was way too strong.
  • Drinking just lavender tea is way too floral for my taste so I like to mix it with chamomile to make a nice nighttime drink that’s caffeine-free.
  • Make different kinds of simple syrup by dissolving honey, brown sugar, or date syrup instead of regular sugar in hot water.

Recipe with Lavender



Lavender Tea

Lavender Tea

Yield: Makes 1 serving

How to make lavender tea properly, hot and cold.



    1. Boil water.
      If using an electric kettle with temperature setting, set it to 208°F. Boil a little more water than needed so that it can be used to warm up the teapot.
      (Filtered water is best.)
    2. Warm up teapot.
      Pour some hot water into the teapot and cup and swirl it around a bit to warm up it up. Discard the water.
    3. Put lavender tea into teapot and add hot water.
    4. Cover teapot and steep for 5 minutes.
    5. Strain lavender leaves and pour hot tea into a teacup.


To make cold brew iced lavender tea:

  1. Put lavender tea and and cool or room temperature water in a pitcher or glass container. (I like using this teapot with strainer.)
    Filtered water is best.
  2. Cover pitcher and put in refrigerator for at least 12 hours.
  3. Strain out lavender buds and pour tea into a cup. Ice is optional since the tea is already chilled.

To sweeten your tea:

If you like your lavender tea sweetened, use simple syrup.

You can easily make simple sugar at home by mixing equal parts sugar (or honey, date syrup, or brown sugar) and hot water until the sugar dissolves.

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