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A teapot can set the mood and the look for tea time. From elegant to fun and whimsical, here are my teapot picks for all occasions and in a range of prices.


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Finding the Best Teapot

Teapots come in all shapes and sizes, and each occasion calls for a different type and look.

Three things to consider when selecting the best teapot for you:

  • Size (Small or large?)
  • Material (Glass, porcelain, or ceramic?)
  • Design (Fun or fancy?)

First you’ll need to figure out the size. For a pot of tea for one, you’ll want a teapot that can hold two cups while tea with friends requires a bigger pot that can hold more water.

Aim for a teapot that can hold 2 cups per person. So for a tea party for two, you would want to get a 4-cup teapot.

I like to have each person have their own pot of tea so in that case, I’ll use a 2-cup teapot for each guest. This allows the guest to choose their own tea.

You’ll want to consider the material the teapot is made of: glass, porcelain, or ceramic.

Ceramic is the best material for a teapot since it retains heat the longest. But a glass teapot is nice for showing off herbal tea or blooming or flowering tea.

Porcelain is great for an elegant tea service since the teapots are so delicate and refined.

And finally, the design of the teapot is important when it comes to choosing the right one for your needs. Do you want a fun, whimsical design for a cozy and casual tea or do you need a fancy one for a more high-end affair?

These are all things to consider when making a teapot selection.

Difference Between Teapot and Kettle

Teapots are for brewing tea only, not for boiling water. Do not place a teapot directly onto a stovetop.

A kettle’s only purpose is to boil water and it’s not for steeping tea.

To prepare tea, use a kettle to boil water then pour the hot water into the teapot followed by scoops of tea. 

For boiling water to the right temperature for tea, see Best Electric Kettles for Tea.

Difference Between Teapot and Coffee Pot

A teapot and coffee pot may look the same at first glance but there are small differences that distinguish one from the other.

The shape of the pot and where the spout is placed are the two things to look for.

A teapot is usually short and stout in shape (yup, like from “I’m a little teapot.”) to allow room for the tea leaves to unfurl.

A coffee pot is tall and slender so that the coffee grounds can easily settle to the bottom.

On a teapot, the spout is usually placed at the bottom of the body since tea leaves are busy floating at the top.

For a coffee pot, the spout is at the middle of the pot so that it’s not pouring out coffee grounds that have settled at the bottom of the pot.

How to Pour a Teapot Properly

The last thing you want to do is make a mess when pouring from the teapot.

To pour the teapot properly, hold onto the handle with one hand and place your index finger from your other hand on top of the lid. This prevents the lid from coming off in case you tilt the teapot too far.

Teapot Tips

  • Warm up the teapot before pouring in hot tea. This prevents the tea from cooling down too quickly. Pour in some hot water and swirl it around then discard the water. Do the same with the tea cups you’ll be using.
  • Don’t let the tea sit in water for too long. This will make your tea too strong and bitter. Either take out the tea bag. If using loose tea, make just enough tea for 1-2 servings per person. Add more hot water after the first or second cup.
  • If you’re getting a teapot with an infuser, look for one that come with a big infuser that almost the same size as the teapot. The bigger the infuser, the more room your loose tea will have to steep properly.

Brown Betty teapot

Brown Betty Teapot

Brown Betty teapots are steeped (haha) in history.

Handmade in the UK since the 1600s, Brown Betty teapots are famous for their round shape, ability to retain heat, and for brewing a better cup of tea.

What makes Brown Betty so special is the red clay it’s made from — it’ll keep the tea hotter for longer.

Check out Tea Happiness’ post on Brown Betty to learn more about this teapot.

Teapot with Insulated Shell

The idea behind these stainless steel insulated ceramic teapots are genius since they work to keep the tea hot for longer since there’s an extra layer of insulation.

I saw these teapots all over Paris in high-end cafes — they’re super chic. They hold a little less than 4 cups.

Salam Insulated Teapot

Similar to the teapot above, the unique design of the Salam Insulated Teapot is that it’s a teapot and tea warmer in one.

The white porcelain teapot is underneath the removable felt-lined stainless steel cover. Even better, there is a tea strainer inside. Holds 6 cups.

Le Creuset Classic Teapot

I love my Le Creuset pots for cooking since they’re great at retaining and evenly distributing heat so it’s no surprise that their classic teapot would make this list.

It comes in a wide range of colors but I really like this grey.

Best teapot

RSVP Stoneware Teapot

Made of stoneware, RSVP teapots have the look of a Brown Betty but are a lot more affordable.

This 48 oz teapot is great for a larger tea party. Get a couple of more in other colors to brew and serve different types of tea in each.

Best teapot

White Porcelain Teapot

Target sells this white porcelain teapot that has a cute shape and is easy to clean due to its wide opening.

It holds about 6 cups so it’s great for entertaining.

Teapot with infuser

London Pottery Geo Teapot with Infuser

I love that this London Pottery Geo Teapot comes with an infuser. I love it even more that the infuser is big enough to let the tea leaves move around freely.

TIP: The bigger the infuser, the better your cup of tea will taste.

Made of stoneware, this teapot has a modern shape and was designed by a British ceramicist. It comes in a 2-cup and a 4-cup size.

Get the 2-cup for when it’s just for you and the 4-cup for when you’re having tea with friends.

Ceramic Teapot

This ceramic teapot comes in two sizes — a 2-3 cup and a 5 cup. Get the smaller one if it’s for serving for one person and get the bigger one to serve 2 people.

The shape and size would also be great for a child’s tea party.

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Tardis teapot

Doctor Who Tardis Ceramic Teapot

Not in a traditional round shape, this Tardis Teapot is perfect for fans of the British TV show Doctor Who.

It holds 25 oz., which is about 2-3 cups of tea, so it’s a perfect pot for 1-2 people. (Insert joke about how it holds more tea than it looks.)

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British teapot

James Sadler Post Office Teapot

If Doctor Who isn’t your thing but you want a fun, whimsical and very British looking teapot, this James Sadler Post Office Teapot may be just what you’re looking for.

Produced by the famous teapot manufacturer James Sadler & Sons, this teapot is made of fine bone china and holds 20 oz., or two cups of tea.

Elephant teapot

Elephant Teapot

This elephant teapot would be perfect for a children’s afternoon tea party. At 28 oz., the teapot holds about two cups of tea.

Made of porcelain, it’s completely adorable with the trunk as the spout and the tail as the handle.

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Cat teapot

Cat Teapot

I know you know at least one person that would love this cat teapot. It would make a great gift for that crazy cat lady who has everything.

Tea pours out of its mouth (kinda gross but cute at the same time?), the tail is the handle, and the tiny kitten on top is the lid.

Bodum teapot

Bodum Chambord Copper Classic Teapot

Glass doesn’t retain heat as well as ceramic but it’s nice for herbal teas and blooming teas.

I like the shape and look of this Bodum Chambord Copper Teapot and how it has a HUGE infuser which gives tea leaves a ton of room to move around and steep.

Best teapot

Lenox French Perle Teapot

Made of stoneware, the Lenox French Perle Teapot has scalloped detailing and is covered by a lifetime breakage replacement program.

At 48 oz. capacity, it’s a great size for entertaining.

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Porcelain Taormina Tea Pot

A unique look with gold trims and pink colored porcelain, this Villari teapot is handmade in Italy. 

This one ships out of Harrods in the UK so there is a steep shipping cost. (Ahem, the teapot itself is $$$ but it’ll definitely be a conversation starter.)

They also have the same teapot in blue.

Wedgwood teapot

Wedgwood Cuckoo Tea Story Teapot

How can I create a list of teapots without including Wedgwood? From the Cuckoo collection, this Wedgwood Cuckoo Tea Story Teapot holds one liter of tea.

I love the illustrations on the entire Cuckoo line; the shape and style elevates tea time.

Blue and white teapot

Spode Blue Italian Teapot

A rendering of an Italian countryside, the Blue Italian Teapot is part of Spode’s earthenware collection.

At 64 oz., it’s huge, giving you bottomless cups of tea in one sitting.

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Gold teapot

Royal Crown Derby “Gold Aves” Teapot

For an upscale afternoon tea, fine bone china is a must. Ornate gold birds add a dramatic flair on this “Gold Aves” teapot. 

(There’s a bit of sticker shock with this one!)

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Best Teapots

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