Best Teapots

A teapot can set the mood and the look for tea time. From elegant to fun and whimsical, here are my teapot picks for all occasions and in a range of prices.

Finding the Best Teapot

With so many teapot options out there, it’s hard to find the right one for your needs.

I’ll help you narrow down your choices and figure out what to look for.

What to Look for When Buying a Teapot

  • Ceramic or porcelain or glass?
    The answer? It depends. All three are great options for a teapot with pros and cons. Ceramic is sturdy and good for retaining tea but can be heavy. Porcelain is light and delicate but can be too dainty. Glass is perfect for herbal tea but doesn’t do well with retaining heat.
  • Stainless steel infuser
    An infuser is a must! To brew tea properly, an infuser is your best friend.
  • Makes 2-4 cups
    A teapot that holds 2-4 cups is the perfect size for serving tea at tea time. Too big and it becomes too heavy to pour without a mess.

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My Pick for Best Teapot:

Other Recommended Teapots:

How to Pour a Teapot Properly

The last thing you want to do is make a mess when pouring from the teapot.

To pour the teapot properly, hold onto the handle with one hand and place your index finger from your other hand on top of the lid. This prevents the lid from coming off in case you tilt the teapot too far.

How to Make Tea Properly Cheat Sheet

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Difference Between Teapot and Kettle

Teapots are for brewing tea only, not for boiling water. Do not place a teapot directly onto a stovetop.

A kettle’s only purpose is to boil water and it’s not for steeping tea.

To prepare tea, use a kettle to boil water then pour the hot water into the teapot followed by scoops of tea. 

For boiling water to the right temperature for tea, see Best Electric Kettles for Tea.

Difference Between Teapot and Coffee Pot

A teapot and coffee pot may look the same at first glance but there are small differences that distinguish one from the other.

The shape of the pot and where the spout is placed are the two things to look for.

A teapot is usually short and stout in shape (yup, like from “I’m a little teapot.”) to allow room for the tea leaves to unfurl.

A coffee pot is tall and slender so that the coffee grounds can easily settle to the bottom.

On a teapot, the spout is usually placed at the bottom of the body since tea leaves are busy floating at the top.

For a coffee pot, the spout is at the middle of the pot so that it’s not pouring out coffee grounds that have settled at the bottom of the pot.

Teapot Tips

  • Warm up the teapot before pouring in hot tea. This prevents the tea from cooling down too quickly. Pour in some hot water and swirl it around then discard the water. Do the same with the tea cups you’ll be using.
  • Don’t let the tea sit in water for too long. This will make your tea too strong and bitter. Either take out the tea bag. If using loose tea, make just enough tea for 1-2 servings per person. Add more hot water after the first or second cup.
  • If you’re getting a teapot with an infuser, look for one that come with a big infuser that almost the same size as the teapot. The bigger the infuser, the more room your loose tea will have to steep properly.
Best Teapots

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