Afternoon Tea 101: Clotted Cream and Devonshire Cream

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A proper afternoon tea isn’t complete without scones served with cream (either clotted or Devonshire) and jam. What’s the difference between the two creams? Devonshire is clotted cream made specifically in Devon, England.

Clotted cream is traditionally made by heating fresh cow’s milk, then setting and cooling it for hours in a shallow pan followed by a reheating. During the reheating process, the top layer forms ‘clots’ which gets skimmed off to create clotted cream. This thick cream has at least 55% butterfat.

Now, if you’re in Devon, you’ll most likely spread the cream first on a scone, then the jam. BUT, if you’re in Cornwall, the reverse with jam first, then the cream. See how to eat a scone properly.

// By the way, how adorable is that illustration? Uh, VERY. I ran across Lana’s site and reached out to her for this collaboration and I love how it turned out. Check out her work and her Etsy shop to see her fantastic illustrations, all with a touch of whimsy. If you’re looking for pretty custom work go to Lana. I’m so tempted to get some custom correspondence cards. //

Illustration: Lana’s Shop for Oh, How Civilized. 

4 thoughts on “Afternoon Tea 101: Clotted Cream and Devonshire Cream”

  1. I love the illustration, so cute! One of my best friends from uni recently moved to Devon, so I'll probably make a trip down this summer to visit him – I will have to keep a look out for how people are eating their scones! 🙂

  2. Hi Pam, agree, Lana's illustrations are completely adorable!

    Hi Georgia, I do the same with my scones, but I put the cream first, then the jam.

    Hi Katinka, I love Lana's illustrations too! Ha, yes, please keep an eye out for how those Devon folks eat their scones!


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