Afternoon Tea Review // Four Seasons Hotel Firenze

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Brace yourself. It’s afternoon tea time inside the stunning Four Seasons Hotel Firenze, a centuries-old Tuscan palazzo.


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Before sitting down for tea service, we wandered the ornately decorated sitting rooms and the pretty garden grounds outside.


SETTING: ★★★★★
The Atrium Bar is a great setting for afternoon tea, although because it is a bar, so it has a masculine feel and the look of a cigar lounge. A fancy one. Check out the skylight and the plush seating.

SERVICE: ★★★★★
Excellent. Servers took very good care of us. They were attentive and knew just when to refill the teapot with hot water without any prompting from us. The courses were paced beautifully.


The teas listed on the menu were a tad confusing since it goes on for a couple of pages and I wasn’t sure how it was broken up, but overall, excellent selection. I ordered the Giardino del Conventino, an exclusive tea blend by La Via del Te. It’s a green tea with figs and rose blossom. It was nice and smooth.

The tea is served loose in the teapot and a metal umbrella strainer in the spout filters the tea.


A selection of four tea sandwiches make up the savories course. I’m on the fence about whether I like or dislike the rustic look of the sandwiches. They were good, but none of the four were exceptional. I could have done without the crust on the last one.


SCONES: ★★★★★
The scones course, however, was exceptional. Three perfectly-sized scones per person with each person getting their own clotted cream and jam. You almost always have to share your cream and jam, so I was delighted to get my own set. The presentation, the taste, and size of the scones were perfect.


SWEETS: ★★★☆☆
The last course came in a two-tiered tray with macarons on top, and assorted sweets on the bottom. Everything tasted great, BUT I didn’t like how it was very hard to share the sweets on the bottom tray since those were meant for two people. I would have much preferred two of each, in smaller pieces. And as a general rule, I always prefer sweets you can eat with your fingers for afternoon tea.

OVERALL: ★★★★★
A MUST if you’re in Florence! The setting and the hospitality makes this one of the best afternoon tea experiences.

INFO: Four Seasons Hotel Firenze | Borgo Pinti, 99 | 50121 Firenze, Italy | +39 (055) 2626 1
COST: Classic Afternoon Tea, 50€

//Afternoon tea courtesy of Four Seasons Hotel Firenze. All content and opinions expressed here are my own.//

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