Decadent Hojicha Tea Latte

A rich and decadent Japanese hojicha tea latte made with a frothy cream topping that’s both sweet and a little salty. 

Hojicha latte


Hojicha Latte on Steroids

This hojicha hot drink is basically a hojicha latte but way, way, way more decadent.

How? I made it with a rich, frothy whipped cream that sits on top for a second before making its way down the cup.

It’s sweet, delicious, and you’ll savor every single sip.

It’s THE perfect drink for those chilly winter nights where you’re tucked in under a blanket and taking sips using both your hands to hold the mug.

Make this once and you’ll make it over and over again all winter long. 

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Hojicha tea latte ingredients

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What I Used to Make This Hojicha Tea Latte with Cream Froth

  • Hojicha Tea
  • Brown sugar and white sugar
  • Vanilla extract
  • Heavy cream
  • Salt (No exaggeration, THE BEST SALT IN THE WORLD.)
  • Teapot with tea strainer (I use this ALL the time.)
  • Milk frother (This one has a double layer of whisk so it creates froth much quicker than regular milk frothers I’ve used.)

Hojicha tea recipe

Hojicha Green Tea

Have you ever had hojicha? It’s one of my favorites and one I’ll always order if it’s on the menu.

Hojicha is a Japanese green tea that’s not green at all. It gets its reddish brown color through the roasting process. (Most Japanese teas are steamed, not roasted.)

By roasting the tea, it results in a toasty, nutty flavor that I’m completely addicted to.

My favorite teas are hojicha and Frozen Summit (an oolong tea also known as Dong Ding) and both are roasted. I love them both hot and cold. 

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Hojicha tea

How to Make Hojicha with Vanilla Cream Froth

This drink is a two part process. The first part is steeping the hojicha and brown sugar.

The next is making the vanilla cream froth, which literally takes less than a minute.

Let’s start with the hojicha and brown sugar. 

Hojicha tea

I always use loose hojicha, so I used a glass teapot with a strainer. 

Add the hojicha and the brown sugar and let it steep for about 5 minutes. I use hot, boiling water. When using an electric kettle, I set the temperature to 210˚F.

While the hojicha is steeping, make the cream froth.

Hojicha tea latte recipe

Vanilla Cream Froth

Cream froth is a lightly whipped cream. 

To make vanilla cream froth, I’ve added sugar, a pinch of salt, heavy cream, vanilla extract and whip it all together using a handheld milk frother.

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Hojicha tea recipe

The tricky part is not to overwhip. We don’t want whipped cream with the stiff peaks. 

The consistency to aim for is a thickened cream. 

Whip using the handheld milk frother for 5 seconds at a time. Once you see it thickened, stop whisking. It’s done. 

When you try to pour the cream, it should be able to, but just slowly.

If you overwhipped, just add a little more heavy cream (one teaspoon at a time) and stir it in using a spoon. 

Hojicha tea

Ok, now it’s time to put the tea and the cream froth together.

Fill your mug with the sweetened hojicha tea, leaving room for the cream froth.

Hojicha tea latte recipe

Pour that luscious cream froth on top. 

How to make Hojicha tea latte


The cream froth is light since we whipped air into it, so it’ll suspend itself on top of the tea.

But because we didn’t make whipped cream, it’ll sit on top for a couple of seconds and then will make its way down. 

Hojicha tea latte

I don’t like to stir the cream froth into the tea but just drink it as is, tasting the cream first, then the tea. 




Hojicha Tea with Vanilla Cream Froth

Hojicha Tea with Vanilla Cream Froth

Yield: Makes 1 serving

Luscious creamy topping adds a decadent touch to hojicha tea.


Hojicha Tea

Vanilla Cream Froth

  • 1/4 cup heavy cream
  • 2 teaspoons white sugar
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • Pinch of salt


  1. Steep hojicha and brown sugar for five minutes in hot water.
  2. Meanwhile, make vanilla cream froth. Combine heavy cream, white sugar, vanilla extract, and salt in a tall container.
  3. Lightly whipping together for 10-15 seconds until cream is slightly thickened.
  4. In a mug, pour sweetened hojicha, then the cream froth.
In collaboration with the Tea Council of the USA. All words, photos, and opinions are mine, as always.

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    This looks so good! I REALLY love hojicha as a choice for lattes. It stands up well to dairy but doesn’t pack too much of a punch.

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    This looks awesome! Do you think this would be good iced?

    • Oh, How Civilized
      8 months ago

      Hi Natasha, DEFINITELY!

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